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Transition/induction into reception

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by toeinwater, May 8, 2011.

  1. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Just curious to know how other schools manage this, both from the previous year (i.e. now) and including September onwards.
  2. Hi we have a 2 week induction period in september, the class get split into 2 groups and alternate mornings in the 1st week, the 2nd week they alternate then stay for lunch on the wed and thurs then finish all together on the fri and parents are welcome to come for lunch with them and then they start full time on the monday.
  3. Hmm. I was told this week that this sort of transition is now history and that ALL our reception children will go f/t from day 1 - including summer borns! I was led to believe this was at least at county level rather than just our school. Does anyone know any more about this? Presumably any sort of transition is supposed to happen in the form of visits during the summer term.
  4. If support for children in transition is good practice then it can't suddenly be seen as 'history' just because it's easier for SMT to organise. On one of the cards in the EYFS under positive relationships, 'key person' it recognises as a 'challenge' 'supporting children's transitions within and beyond a setting, particularly as children reach four or five years of age'. I feel really srongly about this. For young children, having just had 6 weeks off school they can be really upset by being put into an entirely new situation, possibly with more formal learning requirements. Fight for what you believe is right for the children.
  5. We do a couple of visits in Summer term for half a day. Parents meeting in July and 2 workshops after school where children come with parents to experience different activities.
    In September children do 4 half days then full time from then on.
  6. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Do your summer borns go full time then too? If so, how do they seem to cope with it?
  7. Last year our children not born in summer term came in for two transition days during the summer term before they were due to start in September. Then for the first week they stayed until 3:00pm and then the next week they stayed normal time until 3:25pm. Then the January children (summer born) came in for two transition days during the Autumn term and when they started in January they left at 3 for the first week and then normal time. This coming year there will no longer be a January Intake and they will all start in September but the summer born children will only stay until 1pm for the first 7 weeks and the rest of the children will stay all day. We are having 5 transition days this year instead of 2 first one is tomorrow, we just had our parents meeting on Friday where we had a presentation in the school hall with parents and children and then the parents and children got to come down to the classrooms and check them out and talk to us more informally.

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