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Transition from cot to bed

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Sam69, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. We are starting to think about moving our 20 month old from his cot into his cot bed and are after any top tips from those of you that have done this already! Do we need to use bed rails? What bedding do you use (our LO often still sleeps in a sleeping bag but I guess that won't be particularly practical if he wants to get out of bed?) Any advice or help would be much appreciated :)))
  2. I moved my LO to his cot bed at 20 months after he climbed out of his cot and smacked his head on the way down! LO was already using a duvet by then - Tesco do fleecy all in one PJs which keep them nice and warm so it wasn't a problem if he kicked the duvet off (which he did to start off with but it only took a month or so before he learnt how to pull it back up).

    Be prepared for them getting out of bed - we had a bed rail (Tomy universal - strangely difficult to put together but worth it!) which makes it more difficult to climb out but a determined LO will manage it. For the first few nights we herd him pottering round and had to put him back in bed. We kept it simple, went in and said 'bedtime' only - no other taking, even when he tried to chat to us - and plonked him in again. 5 nights later he stayed in and hasn't got out since during the night.
  3. Thanks biodust, that's really useful to know. I'm undecided about the bed rail as we have a very adventurous LO who I am sure would make it his mission to climb over it!!
  4. It doesn't go up to the end of the bed - there is enough room for them to squeeze past it
  5. We have the following bed and bedding from IKEA. The bed is great - low and enough gap to climb down easily (we weren't aiming to keep her from getting out deliberately, just stop falling out whilst asleep) but still a rail. And the bedding is fab - duvet small enough for her to navigate on her own and not swamp her / fall out of the bed with overhang. Also small enough that the duvet, pillow, sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase all wash in one load and dry in a day on warm airer. Handy for leaking nappy nights or ill nights. And all low budget.
  6. Oh and ours climbed over the rail recently (she's been in the bed since 17 months and is now 23 months) and landed hard upon the play garage next to the bed. She wailed and when cuddled and calm I said 'that's why you need to climb down backwards in the gap!' to which she responded.... 'Yes. Carefully. Silly! Ouch.'
    So they do learn [​IMG] If it's a low bed the damage will be self limiting...
  7. Two weeks before we moved our little girl into a bed i introduced a duvet (she was in a sleeping bag) complete with a peppa pig cover on (her favourite) into her cot, she thought it was fantastic and loved it.
    The day we converted it into a bed we made sure she was involved, taking photos of the transition, lots of comments about moving into a "big girls bed", arranging her teddies on the cover etc.. Come night time she was very excited to get into bed and we tucked the duvet in at the sides and she slept right through.
    I would loved to have used a bedguard but unfortunately they didnt fit on her mamas and papas cotbed and as it turned out we didnt need it. She has only fallen out of bed once since converting it but it is so low that it didnt bother her. Though friends suggested to put a duvet on the floor next to her in case she did fall out.
    We've put a stairguard at the entrance to her door so she cant get out during the night but to be honest she stays tucked up in bed and calls for us in the morning!
  8. Oh yes we have a gate on her bedroom door - she often pootles around her room for a while when she's a bit awake, before taking herself into bed. Or goes and gets some toys and books from her drawer and looks at them in the morning. She just isn't allowed to come and shout for us until 'the sun comes up' on her clock.
  9. hazeymazey

    hazeymazey New commenter

    just dittoing what beachut said - even same IKEA bed. Our little boy went into this little bed when he was 18 months and he loved it, didn't get out at all until he was 2 ish! Actually I don't think he realised he could for the first few weeks and then didn't really want to he was so taken with it. We actually only put him in this early as our daughter was due 8 weeks later and we wanted him all settled in his new room well before she came along. We also had a stairgate on his bedroom door until he was 2 1/2. So for us a really smooth transition but I have a feeling our daughter may be a different story when it's her turn!

    Good luck
    hazey x
  10. Thanks for all of the replies. We have a cot which converts into a bed and is very low to the floor so I think we may just go for the duvet on the floor option in case he rolls out. We're going to put a stair gate across his doorway so that he can get up in the morning and play with his toys until we're ready for him! I like the idea of the clock with the sun on it too - must investigate one of those!
  11. I've just ordered foam bed rails on amazon after a recommendation on here a while ago. Cheap and squash able enough to climb over and grown up to sit on apparently. They haven't arrived yet though, so I can't say for sure. I'm worried about my little one falling out of bed, she still moves about so much in her cot. I would leave her there, but I need the cot for number two!
  12. I read somewhere that rolling up a couple of towels and placing them under the sheets will help children sleep in the middle of the bed. may be worth a try.

    Glad someone else has mentioned the stairgate on the door - I think we might try this. Rather worringly, MIL suggested putting a lock on the outside of the door - apparently this was the only way she could keep my OH in his room as a kiddie!

    I love the little ikea bed. I shall keep it in mind for when we make the transition - which may be soon.
  13. Well we made the change from cot to bed last night. Our LO took to it quite well, he did roll out twice (onto the soft pillows we'd left on the floor) but didn't wake! He's quite liked being able to sit in his bed with toys and books today so that's been lovely to see. One thing I would say is that our stairgate turned out to be way too big for his doorway so that's something worth checking beforehand!

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