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Transition from cast to a 'walking cast' - experiences please

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by lilypot, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Hi
    I'm hoping that following on from a broken ankle, I'll be going from a non weight-bearing fibreglass cast to a walking cast. I'll be 2 weeks three days post op, which doesn't sound very long to me. Originally I was told I would be in a full weight bearing cast straight away, although the consultant changed his mind and opted for 2 weeks non weight-bearing. But this still seems a short time (was a double fracture - both sides of ankle but no damaged tendons or ligaments).
    Anyway - if I do get this walking cast on, how long will it be before I can actually 'walk' without crutches? I know in reality it varies depending on pain threshold etc, but just wanting an indication as could do with walking properly straight away! (I have a 1 yr old and am desperate to do more things than just plonked on sofa!). Every time I look on the dreaded internet, everyone always seems to say they were 6 weeks non weight bearing and so I am beginning to wonder if I am getting my hopes up and i'll not get the walking cast on for ages!
  2. I had a weight bearning cast, just up to the knee, and was walking on it as soon as it was completely dry. This was years ago when you had plaster of Paris rather than fibreglass and you had a 'rocker' plastered onto the sole of your foot. I could run on it too!
  3. Chees giggirl - was this the only cast they put you in? Did it hurt when you first started walking? Had you broken your ankle too? So it's not totally silly of me to think I might be able to walk soon after getting a weight bearing cast put on...... thank you!
  4. This was ages ago, 30 years probably! The plaster of paris casts were really heavy and I used to have to add new bits to the toe area because it wore out, so it got even heavier. I didn't break my leg as badly as you but did tear all the ligamnets which are harder to heal; so I don't think it's silly of you to think you'll be able to walk. In fact you need to walk to prevent muscle atrophy, you'll be amazed at how skinny your leg is when they take the cast off! I wanted casts from ankle to thigh for a couple of months, much more effective than chocolate denial. Good luck.
  5. Well, I've been put in a full weight bearing cast, which is the same as before except with a rather fetching, foam-type shoe.
    It's pretty painful to walk on and still using the crutches to ease me into walking again. But it's really hard to walk in the cast as you can't flex your foot as you normally would for walking.
    I'd be interested to know how long it would be before I'm walking without crutches though (I'm not very patient!)

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