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transition day

Discussion in 'Primary' started by saira123, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. saira123

    saira123 New commenter

    Im an NQT going in to school for transition day as a new year 1 teacher. The school hasn't gotten back to me about what they are expecting. Any advice? How long, generally, would an activity for reception to yr 1 transition be? Any good ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Ive got a transition day on tue, but mine is for children starting in Reception next year.
    I plan on keeping it simple, and keeping it short. Im going to ask them to paint a picture of themselves and use this to display their birthdays in the classroom, so that I have a display up when they arrive next year.
    The year 2 teacher at my current school gets the children to make a birthday card for one of the other children in the class. And when their birthday comes round they get a card made by another child in their class.
    Reception will be used to playing a lot and having fairly short activities. So I would recommend getting lots of toys out and spending the time getting to know each of your children.

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