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Transition Day in Special Needs School

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by clairesmiley, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm after a bit of advice for transition day. I have recently accepted a post in a 4-19 special school, and found out on Monday that I will have a class of 8 children in years 7-9. This is my first post in a special school, having taught in mainstream primary for the past 6 years. I currently teach year 4, but judging by conversations I have had today with my new school, am expecting my new class to be around the p5 level.

    I will be with the children up until lunch time and have been told to try and keep the morning as educational as possible.

    Any advice on activities that I could carry out during the morning would be much appreciated, I'm feeling very anxious about it and don't want to keep bombarding my new school with questions!

    Thank you!
  2. Jo3Grace

    Jo3Grace New commenter


    I would hope the whole day will be educational - you are a school afterall - however I expect what they meant was focus on the 'academic' subjects in the morning - this is very similar to what you would have done in primary school.

    Oh, I should have said at the top - congratulations on your new job and on making the MS - SEN leap you're going to love it.

    You will be teaching maths and literacy just as you would at your old school, but at a level appropriate to your students and with adaptations to meet their needs.

    I have some free planning available from http://jo.element42.org for special schools, there are a couple of literacy resources in there which might give you start points.

    As well as thinking about curriculum subjects it will be good if you think about what skills your students will need in their life beyond school. They may need to be directly taught everyday skills. This could be a very purposeful thing to do with your afternoons - get ready to make a difference!

    Do get in touch if I can help more. My email is on my website (I never remember to check my in box here I'm hopeless at it!)

    Kind regards

    Jo Grace

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