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Transition advice!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by melrog2010, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Hello!

    I am an NQT who will be taking my current Year 5 class up to Year 6 next year. I am struggling for ideas for transition day, obviously I already know the class and they know me. I need some creative and fun ideas for activities for our transition day, any ideas gratefully received!


  2. EmmaJ18

    EmmaJ18 New commenter

    Hey, I have done that before, 5 into 6. For transition we did some bits for our new classroom. Each class in our school has a name so it was things for that which could then go onto display. We started thinking about the first topic in September, bit of an immersion session and them generating questions that I could then use for planning. We did things tray labels, peg labels and so on. Talked a little bit about new expectations in year 6 that they won't have had before like the excitment of sitting on benches in assembly, residential trips, plays etc. Our transition was only a morning so by the time I'd covered that it was over!
  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I'll take the risk of repeating what I advised someone else who's taking over Yr 6 having had the class before .

    Well you need to get them ready for the level of work in Year 6 , beware of letting 'fun activities' feature too highly. If you already know the class, you have a perfect opportunity for them to review their progress over the past year.

    I'm teaching Year 5 (well at least I presume I am) and I will do 'ordinary lessons' just as I will be doing next September. So a comprehension, speaking and listening discussion (balloon debate) and a writing task about their progress this past year and aspirations for next year- including outside school activities.

    Maths will be to introduce them to the weekly Number and tables tests and then one day basic number and the other prob. looking at data. Then Foundation one-offs as preparation for next year eg map activities for Geog, looking at an artefact for History and probably some sketching outside if it's fine for Art. Oh and possibly decide on some 'agreed' class rules!

    I will spend a little time doing a short PHSE exercise, learning names etc but for me it's mainly about setting out my expectations.
  4. K_Bey94

    K_Bey94 New commenter

    You could do like a 'Year's Review' thing - Are you moving to a new room? As a class, you could review your class rules - do they need editing? Has anything happened this year that you could add or change about the rules? Like others have said, designing basic things like labels for trays and things will let them put their personal touch on the room again. You could do a 'design your dream classroom' sort of thing maybe? What do they want to see in the room that was different to the previous room/year?

    Could also use this day as a chance to think ahead to Year 6 and what the children want to achieve, in terms of targets and things.
  5. Thank you very much - we will be Belugas class so I'm thinking of making a giant Beluga!

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