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Transition Activities.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tinkeranabell, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I got offered a job today and I have been asked to go in and meet my new class on Wednesday for a transition day. Does any one have any suggestions for activities I could do with them? I have just under two hours with them. Thinking of doing some circle time actvities to get to know them and then maybe some math's activities to find out what they know. Any maybe read a story and get them to draw and write about themselves or maybe a passport about themselves and maybe use them for a display for September.
    Thank you.
  2. talisman

    talisman New commenter

    Well done for your job!! I found a fantastic resource in the resource section of this website with 50 ideas for transition day - lots of ideas to choose from including pshe/circle time things, arty ideas and games too.
    Your ideas look great too - have a wonderful day with your new class!!
  3. talisman

    talisman New commenter

    Found it!!!!


    PS i am not taking any credit for producing this!!
  4. Thank you for your help!
  5. teacher_1186

    teacher_1186 New commenter

    Hi Gladis, have you got the improved template please? Thankyou! To the op, hope it goes well! x
  6. gnomie_p

    gnomie_p New commenter

    I've just added a new resource which may be of use to some people.

    I have made a Passport to Year 6 booklet which can be adapted for any year group. The children have to follow the page headings and include information such as name, self portrait / photo, info about their hobbies, family, friends and role model, what they like and don't like doing at school, what they are looking forward to in their new year group and what they are worried about.

    The back page is blank so it can be mounted on display at the start of term.

    Hope you like it! Easily adapted too, if you want to find out other information about your class.


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