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Transfer from primary to secondary

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by williamBrian, May 20, 2012.

  1. Hi I was in a similar position in 2005, but I was an art and design f.e lecturer, and wanted the option to teach in secondary, I did have quite a bit of experience in f.e and eventually got provisional registration to teach in schools. From then on it was a case of supply teaching, some were reasonably long contracts and there were a couple of deputes in charge of supply that were particularly helpful. Have you got an agreement with the GTCS as to how many days you have to do?, they just seemed to come up with a number for me and I cant remember how many days it was but I managed it over a year, I had quite an incentive, the authority I worked for insisted that I was technically a probationer so payed me on point 0 but when I got full registration I went straight to the top of the scale, you would be payed on whatever you are on at the moment. My advice would be to sign up for supply at as many schools as you can, actually phone the schools and ask who deals with supply, and apply for temp maternity leave contracts.My experience of professional recognition on supply was no different to any other supply teacher, no support other than informal from other teachers in the dept and certainly no cpd, but I did find that if I was prepared to do some supply outwith art and design when they needed it, it amazingly turned in to art and design when I asked them to complete the forms for full registration, they also could not remember how many days I had done, no one was counting, so I added a few. Art departments will take whoever they need to,on supply its up to whoever organises it, for temp contracts it depends on the competition and how flexible and how much travelling you are prepared to do. But the actual formalities of the professional recognition process I found to be very informal. Good luck.

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