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Tranfer DTLLS course from one college to another

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by javina, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. PLEASE HELP[​IMG] anyone.
    I am currently doing a 1 year DTLLS course in a private college and would like to transfer to another. The college has the DTLLS at level 5 while other colleges and universities with awarding power have theirs at level 6. Although I already have a degree, it's still a level 5 at this college.
    I need to find another school that can take me mid-way (I have just started doing Unit 5 and have almost completed my 150 hours) urgently.
    Apparently the DTLLS at level 5 is not eligible for the Post study work visa.
    PLEASE, PLEASE, HELP. Is there any school out there you know can take me and does the DTLLS at level 6?
  2. I'm sorry but I am pretty sure that the DTLLS is by definition L5, i.e. a 'Diploma' and not an honours degree.
    However I think it is possible to progress to a BA or BEd and it is possible some universities offer this as an additional option.
  3. Thank you Shirtandtie but when I called the Standards Verification UK, they did say some schools offer it as a level 6.
    Anyway I'm still on the lookout for a school to transfer to if that is at all possible.
  4. Oh! I too understood that the current DTTLS is L5. I know these things change quickly but a Diploma is one under a degree!
    How odd!

    Are they about to devalue my MSc too??
    Oh, too late, the latest round of eejits here doing a MEd as soon as they have their DTTLS seem to confirm that this is indeed the case!

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