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Training to teach Latin

Discussion in 'Classics' started by Homeric, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. For those entering teacher training generally A level Latin is required. I would suggest trying AS Latin in June 2011 to see what your Latin knowledge is.
    Only two providers (King's London, and Cambridge) now train Classics PGCE teachers, and, given the advanced age of most of us, the new teachers are fewer than the retirees. Make of that what you wish. Good luck. I don't think identifiers are allowed on this site, but if you want any further advice post here and I'll think of some cunning way to subvert the filters.
  2. Thanks for that. I can't actually afford to do another PGCE - I already have one in MFL. I know that Cambridge offer Classics and I've seen that they offer some short courses for beginners to teaching the CLC. My son started Latin this year in Year 8 and is going to continue to GCSE as an option. I've been following what he's doing and realised that I still know quite a lot of Latin - probably more than I did when I was at school because my understanding of grammar is better and I've read quite a few medieval and parish records in the course of my other interests. It just occurred to me that there seems to be a renewed interest in Latin (two of my local state comps already offer it) and Latin for beginners might be something else I could offer on my CV, if I put some time and effort into bringing my knowledge up to scratch. I was wondering whether there really is much demand for Latin. I certainly wouldn't want to teach GCSE (yet), but are there schools which (for example) have a Head of Classics and a need for another teacher to plug timetable holes in the lower school?
    I'd be interested if you have any advice - PM me if you like.
  3. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket New commenter

    Hi, I am in a similar situation. Teacher of RE and degree in Ancient History with GCSE/A Level Classical Civ. Haven't done Latin since year 9 so never got a qualification in it (much to my current despair).
    I have found two Latin summer schools for this year that I am going to apply to. They cater for all ability and experience. One is on the JACT website and the other was by Trinity St David college (part of Uni of Wales).
  4. lemoni122

    lemoni122 New commenter

    Talulah - where do you live? (There is considerable call for Latin, for example in London. I'm still teaching at an advanced age.)
    Please send me a PM, for if you live in west/central London, I could bring your Latin up to scratch in a couple of sessions and reassure you about GCSE. Alternatively, I am happy to advise you over the net; you will be ready to take on beginners to GCSE in no time as you obviously have a solid O-Level behind you.
    Pointing you in the right direction for teaching is easy, because Latin language courses these days generally have excellent teachers' handbooks, brimming with ideas. I'm really keen on The Cambridge Latin Course. Which course is your son following?
    Summer School is an excellent idea, but to do AS you would have to study set books as well as language.

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