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Training Bursary for 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by rhiannonm09, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone!
    Does anyone know what the deal is with training bursaries for those of us starting in September 2011? I'm under the impression that fees will not be increased for 2011 start (I may be wrong though!) but wasn't sure if our bursaries would be slashed or kept the same (eg. £4000 for primary).

    If anyone could shed some light it would be much appreciated!


  2. Hi everyone!
    Does anyone know what the deal is with training bursaries for those of us starting in September 2011? I'm under the impression that fees will not be increased for 2011 start (I may be wrong though!) but wasn't sure if our bursaries would be slashed or kept the same (eg. £4000 for primary).

    If anyone could shed some light it would be much appreciated!


  3. Nobody knows. Just as we're still waiting for Mr.Gove to tell us how many training places (if any) there will be for 2011/12, we're waiting to find out what bursary (if any) there will be. Announcement of the former expected for January (don't hold your breath) but based on the amount of time it's taking them to decide that, I wouldn't expect any news on the bursary until March at least.
  4. I called the helpline in Nov and was told they would know by 2nd Dec, however still nothing!!
  5. Albert-Einstein

    Albert-Einstein New commenter

    I called today and was told "Jan Dfe will anounce etc".
    I wouldn't bother worrying when it will be anounced but how much it will be. Expect massive cuts for 2011. Not good at all when people will need this to survive on while working/studying and they have taken so long.
    Not happy? do what I did -write/email your local MP and lobby Michael Gove secretary of State to get his act in gear for the limbo period we are in.
    I would say we should be ok for Grants and loans but you never know.
    No point in contacting the TDA- no write to the DfE and lobby your MP now.
  6. <font size="2">I also keep checking the direct.gov website and TDA as I have a place starting Sept 2011 and need to know the financial situation. I am trying my hardest to find a second job now to try to save up. The last thing I want to be doing is moving to a new city, studying a PGCE and doing a part time job. I am 30 not 18 and don&rsquo;t have as much energy as I once did [​IMG]</font>
  7. Scabbers, with whom do you have a PGCE placement? I have heard from several sources that every teacher training provider has been told that they <u>cannot</u> offer places until the funding for teacher training places has been decided, how can they offer places when they don't know if they will have any!
    There are conditional offers pending funding being offered, but giving a definate placement is risky business for the Uni, what if the government decide to halve the funding for this year? If the provider has offered 50 places and then finds out they only have the funding for 25 then they will have huge problems legally as they have been told to hold fire.
    A couple of teachers in my school sit on interview panels for 2 local unis and they have been told that there is literally no idea how many places there are and when the decision will be made, another teacher has a friend who is the Teacher Training tutor in charge of admissions for a uni 'up north' and they have also been told they should not be making offers. The SCITT that I have a conditional offer pending funding explained all of this to us on the day and the letter also states that they cannot make a firm offer but if the funding is there then I have a place.
    It's frustrating that so many people's lives hang in the balance, I just want to shount at Gove come on make the decision!!

  8. harderfaster

    harderfaster New commenter

    I am in a similar situation, except I am 21. I have been made an offer (which I have formally accepted etc) but I don't know if I'll actually be able to take it up as I can't afford it without the bursary. It's forcing me to consider other options (GTP, teachfirst) or other career paths altogether, simply because I can't afford to train to become a teacher in the first place. Good one Gove.
  9. Again, I am confused.....how are some universities offering places when there is no indication of how many training places there will be? Or are people getting confused with conditional offers pending funding and unconditional places (which universities have been told by the TDA to not do until funding is confirmed).
    These Uni's are really setting themselves up here for massive backlash if they then don't have those offered places available.
    Bobdog - you seem to be in the know - how are these Unis offering unconditional places when potentially the government might decide to cut places by 90% (unrealistic - but who knows?!)
  10. I had my interview at the beginning of Nov as my course is highly competitive as there are only 13 places. I was lucky enough to have a conditional offer subject to funding and my completion of all the forms that you have to complete! I realise that if the funding ends up at its worst they will either cut the course or cut some of the places. With a course so small in the first place I imagine the course will just go all together if this happens.
    No one can be offered an unconditional place until funding is announced but my course was interviewing before they realised there was going to be a delay in funding news and a possible cut in places or courses.
    Good luck to everyone that is or has applied for 2011 intake and lets hope Gove and his muppets can sort this out!

  11. harderfaster

    harderfaster New commenter


    My offer is conditional pending funding. This wasn't made explicitly clear but there was a paragraph at the bottom of the (long) offer letter mentioning that they were waiting on funding. I was at the first interview (November) so I would imagine one of the following things has happened:

    1) The uni didn't realise how long it would take for the funding to be announced and made some offers before Christmas assuming that they would definitely have enough funding for at least these places.

    2) The uni is simply offering places as it would do usually and some people are going to be sorely disappointed come March.

    Having said that, I know of at least one other person being offered a place by the same training provider since Christmas.
  12. I have a conditional place which was given to me last year (10-11), and that is just to complete my degree (which I've done) and a French Extenion Course (which I'm enrolled onto).
    I have filled in another set of Fit to Teach forms, GTC form and numerous CRB forms, all for 11-12 - so I'm guessing I have a place and only need to worry how I'll afford it with a litte grant.
    Anyway, I have some hope for the grants - if GTTR are giving refunds to MFL applicants, then surely the grants for MFL applicants will be similar to last year?
  13. harderfaster

    harderfaster New commenter

    There's quite a big difference between a £14 application refund (or however much it was) and a several thousand pound bursary...?
  14. MFL has struggled for a few years and last year the bursary was reduced from &pound;9k to &pound;6 as it wasn't classed as a core subject anymore. With the new White Paper and the push for MFL teachers through GTTR then the Government might be beginning to realise that MFL are important to secondary education and bursaries could be similar to those for STEM subjects.
    [Cue comments about MFL] [​IMG]
  15. @harderfaster - I too have been given a conditional on funding place, so I know some providers are doing this, my confusion lies with the comments from people that are saying they HAVE a place for September 2011 when even the Unis don't know how many places they have.
    My big concern is that some people are mistaken with the terms of their offer and could be massively disappointed - as will any of us with conditional places - if the government screw it up for us all!!
    I am fully aware that the rug could be pulled from under my feet at any moment, but some people on the forums are relocating, giving notice at work etc etc, which may not be necessary! I suppose I should worry less about other people but I have an altruistic nature so I can't help but be concerned!
    If people aren't mistaken then the unis could be facing legal problems as it's been made explicitly clear that no firm offers should be made.
    Fair enough to those people that deferred a year, they've gained a place already, but if my understanding of it all is right then even those places are at risk as in a worse case scenario courses at some unis may not run at all.
    I just hope they put us all out of our misery soon, I'm so pleased to have been made an offer but feel I can't really relax and enjoy it as it might not happen....I will be utterly gutted....
  16. Grrrr...paragraphs disappeared because I did the post via mobile!!!
  17. Bursaries have been totally cut in most subjects - any that were on &pound;4000 for 2010/11 have been totally scrapped for 2011/12. Absolutely disgusting, its taken me 3 years to get on a PGCE and now I find out there will be no bursary whatsoever. It will effect a massive numnber of people, I'm not sure I'll be able to do it now.
  18. I know the feeling!, but i think there is a lot of us in the same boat.
    Again ive waited three years (having spent that paying off my student debt from undergrad!)
    Having settled down and got a flat, its daunting, but if your carefull (and they dont cut anymore of the student loans and grants etc..!!) its do able.

  19. stacey - hi sorry i have a conditional offer not a definite place, sorry for the confusion. Its with Cumbria Uni at their Lancaster campus. I know they may have to retract my offer once they know how many places they have. i hope they don't as have told friends and family so don't want to have to go round telling them I actually havent got a place!! I've not told work yet though - they don't need to know yet.
    I want to do more than shout at Gove but won't put it in writing.
    If anyone finds anything out keep us all posted.
  20. just checking is it right that the primary bursary has been scraped!?!?!

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