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Trainee lecturer salary

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by triciagail, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. triciagail

    triciagail New commenter

    Hi, I've just completed the level 5 Diploma in Education and Training course with a view to apply for QTLS in September.

    I have been offered a trainee role (1 year) by the college that I took the course with. I will work with one of the lecturers to assist in class, mentor the students and learn about delivering and assessing the course. They are also paying for me to do the Assessors course. All this is with the plan for me to teach a class in 2017.
    I really like the school, staff and management, so am very thrilled to have been offered the role.

    Here is my dilemma. The post is for one day a week and I currently work as a TA with a primary school; I will now have to work four days a week with the primary school and one day with the college. I need to be compensated for this day as I cannot afford to lose a day's salary.
    I could very simply ask for the same day rate that I earn as a TA, however this role will include observing and assessing current students, which will include me writing up reports (most likely at home). The college day's work will be longer than my TA's day and will include take home work.

    I am yet to confirm a salary and don't know what to ask for. We have not confirmed a contract as yet, and they have already tentatively asked how much do I 'need' to earn.

    How much do I ask for in a role such as this? I understand it will probably be hourly or pro rated.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    Look for a paid job elsewhere. You have DETs therefore you are qualified to teach. You can do your QTLS whilst you are teaching and being paid to teach. I think with DETs you should be grade 3 or 4.
  3. triciagail

    triciagail New commenter

    Thank you for that. It's hard to know your worth when most job ads ask for experience teaching post 16 learners.
    I think I'm afraid to take a leap into the unknown.
  4. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    If you look on FE jobs many colleges take untrained teachers - and pay them a salary, whilst they are completing their DETs. Most are not bothered about QTLS. You should have taught for at least 30 hours as part of your DETs. This is classed as experience.
    I do hope the college that you are working for is not expecting you to deliver a GCSE subject which is outside of your subject area. This usually ends in disaster.
  5. triciagail

    triciagail New commenter

    Yes you're right I had to have 100 hours to complete the level 5 DET.

    No, they're not expecting me to deliver outside of my subject area, and the training period is intended for me to get fully up to speed with delivering the DET.

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