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trainee and support staff roles and responsabilities

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jmccem, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Dear James
    i am in my 2nd year of the PGCE and i have been working with foundation learners and would like to know who has control of the class is it myself as the tutor (not emplyed by the college ) or the support staff who are. this is a problem when dealing with problems and concerns of the learner and trying to find the best way to support the learner
  2. Legally the class remains the responsibility of the class teacher. You are not employed by the school and you are in effect teaching under supervision. That said, during a practice you should try to exercise full control of the class, where issues arise that may be related to pastoral/difficult/sensitive areas then the class teacher must be the one who deals with things. Support workers do play an important part and they can sometimes 'take over' when they should not. If this is happening and you are being undermined then talk to the class teacher and ask that they have a chat with the support staff.

  3. Dear James
    Cheers that helps clarify my position but may not help when the teacher and support have worked toghether for years, but it gives me confidence to deal with the problems of the learner more positively.
  4. Dear James
    As I said in my original reply that is great however on reflection can you give advice on strategies on how to get the learners to focus whilst you try to talk to the learner or whilst getting them to go to see someone who can help them.I feel if I can develop the skills to channel the other learners into the work then I can overcome the difficulties of dealing with the learner who needs the support. already looking into stratiegies to deal with behaviour but think I need more info on pastoral care and how to deal with the learner who comes in with a problem and everyone even the support is too busy to deal with.
    can anyone give me advice on that.

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