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Traffic light cups - anyone use these in year 6?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Flo71, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Flo71

    Flo71 New commenter

    I go into year 6 after half term and would like a system where children let me know if they need help but don't need to leave their seats.
    I wondered if anyone had tried the traffic light cups in year 6 and whether it worked?
    Possibly only need 2-3 sets per table.
    Any supermarkets that sell them or will I need to order online?

  2. I use them in Year 5 - stopped the getting up and down that this class seem to have be doing all their school life. I have enough for the maximum that may sit at a table group at any time. Iordered on-line - but got 40 of each as spares. Cost £18.95 for the lot at http://www.dixiejane.co.uk/
    It has made a bhig difference in my class - they like them a lot, the HT does and so did the LEA Advisory team who were in for a pre-inspection inspection [​IMG]
  3. Hi Flo71
    You might find these useful - self assessment prisms free to download - they work in the same way as the cups but would save you having to purchase them
  4. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    I use traffic light cards. Each set of cards has a red, orange, green and blue (I also use them to play who wants to be a millionaire). Children use these for self assessment when I ask and also sometimes while they're working. A quick glance round the room tells me who I need to go and help.
  5. could someone please explain about the traffic light cups? what are they? how do they work? etc
  6. It's a way for children to feed back to you how they are doing during a lesson without you having to ask them or them having to stop and put up their hand etc.
    You would set your own criteria but for example:
    Green - I'm fine don't need help
    Orange/Amber - I'm unsure
    Red - Struggling, need help
  7. Thanks - that makes sense - now a really silly question and i apologise in advance - do you literally use cups? little plastic ones?
  8. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Those things from teacherspet are fine - don't waste money on cups - this too will pass.....
  9. Hi have you tried using red, yellow and green lead pencils. I am trying them out in my year 6 class to try and cut down on leaving seats.
    pupils tend to choose green if they understand
    you can see pupils with the red and deal with then first
    giving them responsibility for their own learning.
  10. I used coloured/laminated cards in traffic light colours.
    I only used them for a small number of children - the little LA chn and any of the others who were reluctant to ask for help. By showing the red or yellow card they felt less exposed and it helped theri confidence.
    i would be reluctant to use them for all children - to be honest it would cause a lot of faffing about in most of the year 6 classes i have had - or they wouldn't remember to use them.

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