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traditional stories topic?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Teacher1212, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. I am an NQT and our next topic is going to be traditional stories. The other reception teacher has said we can adapt this topic if like. I thought maybe stories around the world, although I do quite like traditional stories-does anyone have any nice ideas for this?
    What could we turn our role plays/display into and then do we focus on a different story each week?
    Just would like some ideas thrown at me please!!
  2. we do fairy stories and traditional tales and focus on a different story each week - making links to other curriculum areas when appropriate. E.g. when we do 'Goldilocks' we look at size and measures and have a 'three bears cottage' in the role play. I'm toying with the idea of having a 'role play' box for each story, and putting out the resources each week to match the story we are reading!

    I've got some medium term planning from a while back that might help you if you would like to see it. It's not great but might give you some ideas. I constantly tweak/change my medium term planning, depending on the children's responses and ideas.
  3. We've just finished Trad Stories and it is a good topic for doing lots with. We take a different story each week and change resources around a bit. The role play is a story house with different props put in each week for each story....duster, brush and iron for Cinderella, cooking pot for 3 pigs, bowls etc for 3 bears. At the beginning of the topic chn painted pictures of all the characters from the stories and these are put in frames to show whose house it is each week. We do loads of lovely role play, retelling the stories with masks and puppets etc inside and out. Outside we have a construction site for the 3 pigs and we make obstacle courses to get through the wood without meeting the wolf. We make junk model houses and compare different building bricks for strength, we make bridges to help Gingerbread Man escape from fox. We write invites, recipes, lists, wanted posters, get well cards for Grandma. We weigh different sized presents that Red Riding Hood brings to Grandma, we sort objects by size, we make Gingerbread Men, porridge, and have a tea party. We use porridge to messy play with - dry and sticky! We are sent an invitation to Cinderella's Ball and go to the Ball and Dance with partners....
    It is a good one to resource as there's loads of stuff available and I can send you our medium term plan if it helps. Have fun....I particularly like acting the role of the Fairy Godmother and asking the children to think of what they would wish for and sprinklin them all with fairy dust to help....but that is just the pantomime dame in me!
  4. sadika

    sadika New commenter

    We do this topic every year - there are SO many stories to focus on - and all help with languge/story telling (Pie Corbett etc). There is such alot you can get out of it and loads of resources available via the internet. This year's role play is a fairytale castle which the children love!!! ENJOY!!!!
  5. I am also interested in this topic, as I have never taught around the theme of traditional stories. Does any one else have any ideas? This would give me a starting point for my half term planning.
  6. Hi the ideas do sound brilliant and I too would be grateful for any medium term plans. nadinenct@hotmail.com

    our topic is growing this half term but I am going to start with the gigantic turnip. I am going to include lots of retelling the story both orally and through story map. I am also going to have another go at something I saw on the ABC does blog which is to spend some time selecting music to either tell the story or to represent each character. I did it previously with 'who sank the boat' and began by showing the pictures and playing the music. They loved it and there was a lot of discussion about how the characters were moving with regards to the music. So I am going to attempt it again and have found some lovely bits of music for the pulling up of the turnip as well as the different animals. I then put this out for the children to access the book and music together in their continuous provision.

    A few of the children have been really interested in playing with builders pipes and have developed an interest in pipes wherever we go! I am going to give them a challenge in our outdoor digging area which is to build a watering system or a drainage system for the farmer. I will put out loads of different things to construct with as well as hard hats, clipboards etc. I'm also going to ask them to build/design something to pull up the turnip.

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