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Tracking progress under the new curriculum

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by simonabbotts, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. simonabbotts

    simonabbotts New commenter

    Anyone got a system for recording students grades under the life without levels system?

    In my School all students have an Att 8 decimal grade and we are asked to predict an end of year grade for yr7 and 8 and end of yr11 grade for 9,10 and 11. We are also asked to record assessments in fine number grades five times a year. As a Maths Dept we are struggling to provide assessments which have 'grade boundaries' for yrs 7 to 10. We have 'step' grade descriptors from Pearson and have tried to map them to the new grades and tests.

    Why is it so quiet nationally on this topic? We are constantly under pressure to provide data, to be bashed with by Ofsted etc, with no coherent national guidance as to how to do it. Or am I missing something?

    Thanks for reading
  2. Twinklefoottoe

    Twinklefoottoe Senior commenter

    Isn't it complete madness?

    There is no such think as agreed standards that can be used to match up students to an appropriate grade. All schools now do their own thing, and all schools now dream up their own assessment levels, none of which make any sense, all of which can always be torn apart and the world keeps spinning. My sink school is sinking fast. I am sad to be leaving the students but hugely relieved that I don't have to be part of this impossible circus anymore. Roll on Christmas!

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