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Tracking progress - HELP!

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Hannah_, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Hannah_

    Hannah_ New commenter


    We are using Target Tracker to track and assess children in our school. As we are now following a new curriculum, it was decided that all of our children would be given the same starting point in September.

    Has any other school done this? What did you do with the children with SEND and those who are receiving additional support? Did you put them back to where they would be on Target Tracker? The problem I can see with that is that the children with SEND may actually appear to make more progress than other children due to them being allowed to start at their actual correct 'level'.

    Has anyone else got experience of Target Tracker and children with SEND?
    Thank you!
  2. onmyknees

    onmyknees Established commenter

    All of our SEND Children were put on at their age expected level. This meant that after a term and once people,had begun to get used to TT, they had to be put back to their actual level. This meant 3 things:
    1) teachers were not planning and teaching appropriate work for the SEN children.
    2)The children looked as though they had regressed.
    3) As SENCO, I looked like a right ******** at my appraisal meeting.
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  3. Hannah_

    Hannah_ New commenter

    Ohhh onmyknees! It sounds like we are in the same situation. This makes me feel slightly better that I'm not the only one. Still rubbish though. Can yours be put back at all? We are expecting Ofsted and this is making me very panicky!
  4. peepo

    peepo New commenter

    Hi, who recommended that they are all put at age expected levels? We followed TT advice and training and used the steps to levels in the help section as a guide.I asked staff to highlight the statements in the Band appropriate to their abilility/ old NC level as a starting point, then they assigned the first step following TT advice, ie. When in steps, bring up one child, click on highlight statements, and a coloured ribbon appears , blue,( number of statements achieved) ,pink(number working towards) and gold( number mastered). TT suggested we assign step roughly in the middle of pink- though using professional judgement keeping in mind the old level they were on when we first put step in. Some had statements highlighted across 2 or 3 bands, so we went with step in middle of highlighted area, which more often than not matched theNC level they were on at the time ( according to the steps to levels guide.
    The issue we have though, is that with the new curriculum KS 2 in particular has shifted, so many of our children are below age expected- gaps need to be filled in particularly in Maths. We have found though, that yr. 1 and 2 bands are much closer to old curriculum expectations.
  5. onmyknees

    onmyknees Established commenter

    We have also found that the steps statements are very broad. It means that the SEN children may have made progress, but not enough to highlight the whole step. So in effect, it means that any progress they have made is not measured on TT.
  6. peepo

    peepo New commenter

    Yes, we have found that too, particularly in Maths. Our year 5/6 are set into 3 groups for Maths to try and address the fact that so many are below age expected. The lower set teacher is finding it hard to show progress on TT. The majority of her set are working in Band 2/3. Yet she still has to break the broad statements down into smaller steps and these are recorded in the front of their Maths books on a target ladder.
  7. peepo

    peepo New commenter

    Hi , if your staff have been working through and highlighting the statements as they go along, you could just use the 'progress on statements report' to show progress from the starting point to when ofsted arrive.

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