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Tracking Documents

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by onthewayhome, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Massive yawn.
    Why are they so dull?
    Why have all my nursery nurses completed theirs and I'm still going?
    Why are we having a moderating meeting tomorrow?
    Why can I not seem to keep my eyes open?
    Why didn't I get these finished last week?
    Why do I seem to have all the "difficult" children in my group?
    oh why?
  2. Miss Piggywig

    Miss Piggywig New commenter

    Keep going reb77. Your doing well I haven't even started mine yet so your way a head. Not long to go before a holiday
  3. Can I ask what tracking documents you are using in Nursery? My head is obsessed with on-entry data and tracking in Nursery and I didn't know what to use last year, went off on maternity leave in Dec but am going back in Sept and am wondering what to use that is managable and useful.
  4. We use development matters and ELGs.
    I've been really stressed out about these this year. It's my first year in nursery since EYFS, after many years in Reception. I want to be 100% that each child really and truly can do everything I'm highlighting. I don't want to be talked about by the YR staff. lol
  5. Thanks for your reply - it's really interesting to hear what other people do in Nursery. When we had OFSTED nearly 3 years ago, they kept going on about how I should have my data on the computer (at that point was using our LEA's 'MY STORY' booklets) but couldn't find anything that tracked them on the computer. So I carried on using the booklet. But now my head and our SIP are obsessed with our on-entry data, so I asked our EY advisor who told me about a new tracking system that our LEA had devised which is now on the National Standards site which would be really useful - got very excited by this and was really hopeful. However, found it to be fairly useless - it's called Progress Monitor - does anyone else use it, and if so, how do you analyse it etc? Do you find it useful? All it shows is what age bracket the children fall into for each area of learning, not even split into sub groups of emotional development etc - I don't like it and don't know what to use to collect the on-entry data. We're expecting OFSTED pretty much at the beginning of September so want to get a handle on this!



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