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Tracking and Monitoring

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by jnrblues, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. jnrblues

    jnrblues New commenter

    Morning all,

    I am considering leaving my post as assistant head at a Secondary Academy. I have no experience outside of education, but have tackled most roles within schools during my career. I wanted to float an idea on here to see if there was any uptake.

    Would anyone be interested in having someone with an education background develop tracking and monitoring systems for all of their students/subjects to remove some of the onus from data analysis. I could set up systems that will look at gaps in skills and knowledge and identify not only which students are underachieving but how.

    I know there are already systems out there that you can buy in but I have worked with lots of these systems over the years and have always resorted back to making my own versions.

    I would appreciate any comments or advice that anyone has.


  2. Joliroja

    Joliroja New commenter

    Hi jnrblues,

    I would suggest the reason you've always come back to using your 'own versions' is exactly the same reason everyone else does too... we all read and interpret data in a different way. I would advise that you are taking a huge gamble that is incredibly unlikely to pay off.
    There are some very big players out there in assessment and tracking, many of whom have invested significant amounts of money in developing their systems. There are several systems that will do around 95% of what schools want, but the other 5% is for people to develop their 'own versions' in order to apply them to their own school, students, teachers and contexts.
    Don't give up the day job - its almost impossible now to find a way of patenting a tracking/assessment model, and as such, if yours is any good, then the big companies would soon cotton on and develop their systems to suit/match.

    The reason the big companies are successful is because they have a number of staff employed in customer/service support. As a one man band, schools would be concerned that if something happened to you, they'd be left high and dry.

    Sorry to be negative, but I think that's the reality.

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