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Tough day? We’re listening

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by educationsupportpartnership, May 24, 2017.

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  1. The current crisis in education means the pressures on teachers have never been so great with funding cuts, heavy workloads and uncertainty about the future direction of education. More than ever those working in education need to know that we are here to help them.

    Education Support Partnership is the only UK charity dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of teachers and the wider education workforce.

    Initially established 140 years ago as a benevolent fund for teachers, but today supporting those in higher education and further education as well as schools, we understand the unique pressures of staff working in education.

    Free and confidential helpline

    This is because we help struggling teachers every day who call our confidential helpline desperate for support. Last year we helped education professionals with around 30,000 issues.

    Calls relating to work-related stress and anxiety continue to top the list of reasons for calls, as do the number of callers identifying themselves as being depressed. In our last annual health survey, the overwhelming majority of education professionals (84%) say they had suffered from some form of mental health problem in the last two years and more than half (53%) told us they felt their ill-health had impacted on their pupils' studies.

    Victoria, a Head of Geography in a secondary school is one such example. She was stressed and anxious due to a relentless workload and unreasonable expectations. After breaking down in tears, she turned to our helpline for support. The calls to the helpline had a huge impact: “I knew that if I needed someone unbiased and completely neutral to talk to over the time left at the school, I could turn to the helpline. This gave me strength. I can honestly say that the support I received from the Education Support Partnership has kept me in teaching.”

    Our free and confidential 24-hour helpline is available UK wide on 08000 562 561. No matter what the problem. Our trained counsellors listen without judgement. Please let your friends and colleagues know about the free support available to them and download our helpline poster to put on your staffroom noticeboard.

    Financial grants

    Since our creation in 1877, we have provided crisis financial grants to those in need across the education workforce.

    Our confidential grants service now helps those working in or retired from the education sector and suffering financial problems caused by unemployment, ill health, sudden life events, bereavement or a personal injury.

    NQT Simone is just one of the many people we have helped in the last year. As a mature student and single mother she found studying financially challenging. She received a student loan which met her basic costs and although she cut back on spending considerably she struggled and exhausted all borrowing options including supportive family and friends. After hearing about us from her university advisor she applied for a grant.

    “The grant from Education Support Partnership was crucial in ensuring I pay critical bills which will enable me to successfully embark on my journey as an NQT,” she said.

    Training and Development Fund

    Many who have received grants have told us that support with training and CPD would help them stay in the education profession.

    In response to this feedback and the increasing evidence of access to CPD being essential in recruiting and retaining teachers, we recently launched a Training and Development Fund in partnership with CSIS, the Civil Servant Insurance Society Charity Fund.

    The purpose of this fund is to expand knowledge and skill-sets of the teaching profession. The fund will assist staff working in education with the cost of education-related training and help many to re-enter the education sector after time out with caring responsibilities perhaps, or to help develop new skills to move within their role and allied professions.

    Jody was “born a teacher” and took a break from the profession to have children. As her eldest daughter has now started school, she feels there is no better time to go back to the profession she loves. However, the curriculum has changed and naturally, the idea of returning to teaching has been quite a daunting one.

    We supported Jody with a grant towards the cost of a course in effective A level exam preparation and she now has a new job. Jody said: “I really believe that the ability to demonstrate my enthusiasm to re-enter teaching, showing that I am keen and hardworking, helped me to secure the post. I can’t thank Education Support Partnership enough for the support they have provided. I can’t wait to get started!.”

    Working with schools and colleges

    Not adequately budgeting for staff wellbeing could be costing your school in terms of recruitment, staff absence, supply cover and reduced productivity. By contrast, schools which find the precious resource to focus on this area experience benefits far beyond just cost savings.

    That’s why we provide a vast range of training and professional services to help leaders engage, energise and look after their staff, supporting recruitment and retention. A popular service is our Positive Workplace Survey. Designed specifically for schools and with bespoke options to address any specific challenges, not only does the survey offer a benchmark for evidencing progress but also results in improved engagement and performance both financially and culturally.

    “We use the survey as a system to gauge progress in relation to the vision, walk the talk and support the development of our cultures so that pupils can progress. It’s also a good benchmark and allows us to address emerging issues and patterns.” Gary Wilkie, Chief Executive and Executive Headteacher of Learning in Harmony Multi-Academy Trust

    Tel: 020 76972750

    Emotional support Helpline: 08000 562561

    Email: info@edsupport.org.uk

    Website: http://www.educationsupportpartnership.org.uk
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