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Topics inspiration needed!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Marm0010, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Marm0010

    Marm0010 New commenter

    Hi everyone,
    I'm currently having a rethink of the topic that I'm going to do after the Easter holidays. I'm doing a Royal Wedding mini topic but need something to follow that and am struggling with coming up with anything new and creative at the moment!!
    What topics have you got coming up - anything interesting that might inspire me?
    Thank you!!
  2. Hi
    We are doing the same thing - mini topic on royal weddings, weddings having a school street party - reading the Little Miss Princess and the Royal wedding book.
    We are following on with story of Dick Whittington, London Bridge (song) and ***** cat ***** cat where have you been (song) Going to compare our village to london, pretend train ride to London (train ride story), look at the buildings in london - big ben, introduce concept of time, Queen on money - introduce basic money, coins etc. Barnaby bear visits london, construct own london bridge, look at our bridges Trent bridge, postcards to the queen from where we live, designing our own village flags. We are also gonig to get out school maypole and have a go at that.
    All this depends on if they are interested and following their interests etc they may not be bothered!
    Hope this helps
  3. Hi we have changed our topics this school year and so far they've worked really well some we have used are;
    I can.... (linked to main maths focus objectives) we used toy story characters and they each had a focus Buzz loves to count on and back, woody loves to add, slinky- measuring, Mr and Mrs potato head- shape, hamm- money and the aliens love positions and one goes missing around the room and the children have to describe where. We also kept all seasonal links and used the characters to inspire writing too.
    The Grumpy dragon- we made our own story and puppets about a grumpy dragon and then found different traditional characters that where grumpy and worked out why and made wanted posters/character profiles etc.
    Were about to do grow grow grow as our school gardens just starting to come to life and were looking at animals and mini-beasts as mini topics.

    Hope these help
  4. Try snails - they've been fab in my F2 class - use a tuff spot, have a tank with a lid to keep them in - feed them lettuce etc put in a stone, wood etc grass and have them out for several spots during the day. It's working fantastic - well worth the effot.

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