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topics for new reception children

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by kaz_allan, May 24, 2011.

  1. Hi

    Just wondering we are thinking of changing our 'topics' this year would like more interesting and fun ones. What do others do? Do you have any great units that really worked well with your reception children with endless learning ops?

    We would be very greateful for any help and advice.
  2. What have you already done?
  3. That sounds great but we as a school set our topics that we know children will like then ask them for their ideas within that. Recycle the same topics andocasionally change them it gets a bit dull year after year. I would love to have no planning and go from children interests butt resources and the number of interests may be too much to teach with quality any ideas or advice would be great.

    Thanks all
  4. I will be new to rec from Sept ( i currently teach Y1) but want to alter the topics that are currently covered so would also like some ideas.
    I'm thinking maybe space, castles, pirates??? Anyone have any ideas or can point me in the right direction!
  5. Hi
    Our topics are thematic and very broad and open ended: "Magical Mysteries" where we covered witches and wizards, superheros and the circus (superheros and circus were the children's ideas), "Colour My World" encorporated flowers and growing, Elmer which led to the jungle, jungle animals and animal patterns and camouflage; "People Who Help Us", "Down on the farm" and "Water Water Everywhere" which is fabulous for floating and sinking (obviously), under the sea, rivers, etc.
    Our topics are so broad and open that I can start off with an inspiration day/week which the children can then expand on. Having this ownership over their learning has really engaged and inspired them :)

    Maddie x
  6. Traditional tales - our children loved those (red riding hood, the gingerbread man, goldilocks and the 3 bears, the enormous turnip, the three billy goats gruff, the 3 little pigs,)
    animlas - jungle/wild, farm, pets
    I love the idea of doing child initiated topics I have been trying to do that this year (I am an NQT) but the other teacher isn't interested.
    My opinion is that some things need to be taught to give children a broad knowledge of things they might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about. But I think sometimes planning based on the children's interests makes it more fun for the children it should be a mixture of the two, this is what I plan to do from september anyway.
  7. Hi there Maddie
    I was reading your post and thought some of your ideas sounded great! Could you tell me a little more about the magical mysteries and how you get it to fit into the various areas of learning! I am new to reception this coming September and Im trying to gather/steal as many ideas as possible!
  8. Hiya!

    Well to start with, we brainstormed all the ideas we had regarding magic and then I planned 1 or 2 weeks around each theme. So for witches and wizards we had a cave in the role play area where the children made potions, we also put glittery water in the water area and gloop (gel-baff) instead of sand. We did lots of work around making potions and creating spells which lended itself well to both psrn - measuring and weighing, and clld - instruction writing. There were loads of creative opportunities too for glittery art, wax painting etc.

    For superheroes we took photos of each other then designed our own superhero outfit (cd) on top of the photo. We then created a super hero profile for ourselves. We looked at comic books and wrote our own comics in the writing area, looking specifically at the captions like pow, splat and shazam! We read charlie's superhero underpants and traction man is here and we reordered those stories and made story maps. We created our own symmetrical super hero underpants for the psrn input along with other symmetry based activities. The children built their own superhero lairs and dens outside and the role play area stayed as a cave.

    For the circus we had a guy called Paul from magical mayhem come in and he was fab. He started our theme off with an inspiration day and we did lots of circus skills. After this we created our own circus, the children made tickets and posters, we had a tight rope (skipping rope) and we painted big animals to go on to a circus train. There was lots of pd in this theme as the children all wanted to be circus performers! We created clown faces, talked about the history of the circus and discussed animal cruelty on a very basic level. We planned for the children to put on a circus show for the parents too, but this was cancelled due to snow so the parents just came and looked at the work the children had done instead at a later date.

    The children were so engaged throughout all of the themes and lots of learning happened through the children's own ideas. They were desperate to make a huge train for the circus outside! I found that there were areas of learning that were more prevalent through the different themes (eg loads of pd through the circus theme) but it was all equal over the 6 weeks.

    I hope that helps, I'm an nqt this year so have very much begged, borrowed and stole as many ideas as I could too!

    Maddie xXx

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