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Topic work based on our local river and coast... writing opportunities ideas please

Discussion in 'Primary' started by eggles, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. As the year 6 SATs approach and I've ran out of writing stimulas ideas, I was wondering if any one had any ideas in order for us to revise the majority of writing genres in the four short weeks we have left before SATs 2012 based on our topic of the river and coast.
    All ideas appreciated [​IMG]
  2. Persuasion: tourist info leaflet; litter on beaches (could also be discussion?)

    Recount: day at the beach (perhaps with fictional account of something interesting)

    Newspaper: river flooding/pollution

    Explanation: water cycle; stages of a river; how stacks and arches are formed; coastal erosion

    Non-chronological reports - various

    poetry inspired by rivers/coasts

    narrative: using river/coast as setting - could listen to wave 'music' as stimulus

    other ideas - promoting new: ice cream flavour; river boat.

    Any good to get you started?
  3. Thanks. This is so helpful [​IMG]
  4. Glad to help. Anyone else got any other ideas?
  5. emma44

    emma44 New commenter

    Interview with someone whose house is in danger of falling into the sea due to erosion. Or owners of a house that has already gone.

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