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Topic - the Olympics??? Any suggestions.

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Brenden, May 18, 2008.

  1. Brenden

    Brenden New commenter

  2. I've ordered the Hot topics book for the Olympics - does anyone have any experience of using them - are they any good?
  3. Our whole school have to do this topic as well, so i am slightly changing it and doing the food olympics and linking it with food around the world.
    We will pick a continent a week and bring in lots of sports/ food/ culture/food/ healthy living and food.

    I was going to do lots of comparative language in maths fastest/longest heaviest food!?!
    Ordinal numbers
  4. There are some ideas in the 5 to 7 magazine this month. I brought it for magical minibeast ideas.
  5. Where can I get a copy of that Cath??
  6. I got it from WHS on saturday. Didn't buy it for the olypmics section, think it may be aimed at keystage 1 children, but may be useful. Can try and email it to you if you post your address.
  7. Think it should be readable if you zoom in. Sounds like a hard topic for reception!!
  8. They do whole school topics, but the actual topic title is "testing times" and we just have to link it in with the olympics, we are going to grow plants, but I'm worried about linking all this to the olympics!!!

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