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Topic planning

Discussion in 'Primary' started by helenpye76, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. As a school we are trying to put together a more creative, topic based curriculum, (like loads of other schools!). We like the Focus stuff, IPC and Skills based stuff out there, but are reluctant to buy anything too expensive if NC changing soon. We want to put together a long term plan that encompasses NC links and Key Skills, ensuring all the coverage and that suits our school. We have fluctuating numbers so presently all our year groups are mixed, except Year 2. Rec/1, 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 so need to ensure all getting what they need and no repeats. Will keep Maths and Literacy separate.
    We are currently thinking we might cut up key skills and parts of NC and mind map where it can all fit and fun topics to link it up. Does anyone have any ideas or have anything they can share?
  2. We do this, but unfortunately I dont have anything electronically to send you.
    We use the Key Skills document (I think its Chris Quigley?), BUT the way we plan is this:
    We think up 6 broad topics - 3 each year over a two year cycle - we have the same issues of mixed classes. We try to have one broadly geography based topic, one broadly historical, and one broadly science, each year. (This year we did Fire and Ice in the first term, Animal Kingdom in the second term, and Castles in the third term.)
    We then have a sheet with Columns for Topic/Lit/Hist/Geog/Science/Art/DT on it. We write the themes at the top, then we have sheets with all we have to cover for the foundation subjects and we slot these in where they best fit. If your topics are broad enough you can fit lots in - for Fire and Ice we did the great fire of London, Titanic, and some science on materials. We link our Literacy units where they best fit too, and do not follow them in order.
    You will find you have niggly bits and pieces left over when you've done this, and you tend to have to do the odd thing standalone.
    Our Music/RE is done standalone - PE is linked where possible.
    We use the key skills document and use key kills objectives as our objectives for our Topic planning in the afternoon.
    Once you start doing it, it will flow.
  3. Thanks for that. Have seen Chris Quigley stuff. Think we just need to bite the bullet and go for it!

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