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topic - olympic games

Discussion in 'Primary' started by peeceee, May 5, 2008.

  1. we are doing this after half term as well but we haven't actually started planning too much. will keep you posted... I have seen it a few times on here if you searh it... I think also there are some lesson ideas on the web if you search... one thing I know is we are doing the olympics for our annual sports day but thats as far as we have got...
  2. I've thought of some ideas to keep you going:

    The olympic torch (route around the world)
    Famous athletes (historically famous people)
    Keeping fit (pshe)
    The Winter Olympics (just for variety)
    All About China - facts
    Medals (ordinal numbers)
    Greek Olympics
  3. There are resources on the internet, see links below. I have used some of the resources but I have a KS2 class. I like the Australian site.
    Websites based on the Olympics


    login is flexible
    These resources have been created by teachers for teachers and we feel sure you will find them both relevant and useful. The resources are copyright. However, they are downloadable and provided free of charge by Hampshire County Council to any teacher working in Hampshire.
    Hampshire has invested in this website because it believes that the school meal has an important part to play in the whole school day. It has been created to add value to the school catering service and provide helpful information for adults, teachers and pupils.
    Website with information on David Davies (Cardiff swimmer hoping to compete in the Olympics)


    Official site of the Australian Olympic team for 2008. Information on athletes, Beijing, the stadiums, video clips of athletes hoping to go to the Olympics and some diary entries from the athletes. Teaching resources (not organised by subject very well) ? user name and password needed. You need to register but it is free.

    Also bk zone ? Olympic website for kids

    Links to sites related to the Olympics


    British Olympic site

    Some lesson ideas under education in the Olympians in life. Need to register http://www.edgate.com/summergames/lesson_plans/
    American based site with some lesson plans ? focus at the moment on the Athens games.

    blogs/podcasts/fact file on some athletes.

    Paralympics sites

    information, video clips, lesson plans all based on raising awareness of disabled sport and what these athletes actually achieve.
  4. great ideas, thanks!!!!!!
  5. thank you everone, these are fab ideas!!!

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