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TOPIC HELP - Portrait of Britain

Discussion in 'Primary' started by smob, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I've just graduated from my PGDE [​IMG] in Scotland and I start my probationary school next academic year. The current teacher has already chosen my topic which will be "Portrait of Britain" for primary 5 (I think that's year 4 in England, well aged 9-10)....
    My problem is that it's difficult to know what I can cover within that topic and apparently when she got the same topic for her first term the topic box didn't arrive (maybe didn't exist?) anyway my ideas are below and I would appreciate ideas and/or comments (PLEASE HELP).
    <font size="3">Portrait of Britain ideas</font>&middot;
  2. Oops.. didn't format properly (it was a copy and paste job from my notes)
    They are:
    • Map of UK (largescale) - plot major cities
    • Where have they been in the UK?
    • Factfile of the UK - population, languages
    • Different landscapes - How sand is formed, water cycle
    • Types of houses and buildings - maybe local survey (cross-curricular with maths)
    • Trip to a local historical house (my friend works at one of them and has created an educational tour for schools with a pack)
    • British art movements
  3. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

  4. Thank you Marlin, these will come in handy. [​IMG]
  5. Think diversity of Britain will be important thing to explore - you might find this lesson helpful http://www.gogivers.org/ppts/Coming_to_Britain.ppt - it looks at the history of immigration to Britain from Vikings, Romans etc to people who settled here after WWII.

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