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Topic - 'Food Glorious Food'

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ilovetheholidays, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Ilovetheholidays

    Ilovetheholidays New commenter

    Do you guys have any fab ideas for this topic or have done something which is worth using. It's a class of Year 5 children and our first topic back in September (we're also awaiting the big 'O'). We can't focus too much on healthy eating as this is done in Year 3.
    So far I have these ideas:
    Micro-organisms (science)
    Foods from arounds the world/where our food comes from (geography)
    Oliver (English)
    Still life (art)
    Preserving foods/scurvy (history)
    Designing a new food/packaging (DT).

    This is all I have at the moment, but no real 'wow'.

  2. RE - Harvest
    History - could you not look at Victorians too?
    PSHE - run a small cafe for a week? Learning about budgeting, looking for the best deals etc. Proper life skills and of course lots of maths opportunities.

  3. Any ideas for the same topic but withh a year 1/2 class?
  4. In the olden days, I used to start with the harvest, (grains and fruit) + some autumnal poems , birds migrating because their food supplies ceased/moved. Then, after a moving rendition of the story of Persephone, we looked at Iron Age eating - you catch it, you grow it or you starve and, of course, you preserve a lot of it - science as much as history(It was a good run up to doing the Romans the following term) .
    A great book from which to read a few choice chapters is 'Little House in the Big Woods' by Laura Ingalls Wilder for some wonderful descriptions of what to do with every single bit of a pig, how to smoke venison and how to make curly-wurlies out of freshly drawn maple syrup and snow. (And how to be happy with very little..)
    Archimbaldo is a fun artist to look at in addition to the still life.
    Oh, and I used to record Madhur Jaffrey's cookery progs for them as a start to 'India'.
  5. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    And plenty of cooking, of course!

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