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topic-based literacy for Year 3/4 - World War 2 - any ideas?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lardylegs, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Not Carrie's War or Goodnight Mr Tom. Am looking for a book-based topic that will appeal to Year 3 (low ability) boys. Morpurgo or Swindells perhaps? Any other ideas?
  2. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Not Carrie's War or Goodnight Mr Tom. Am looking for a book-based topic that will appeal to Year 3 (low ability) boys. Morpurgo or Swindells perhaps? Any other ideas?
  3. Big Tom by Jean Ure
    Life in London during the second world war, as seen through the eyes of a lively nine-year-old boy. Neville Chamberlain has just made the announcement: Great Britain and Germany are at war. Mum worries about Derek in the army; Dad's thinking about the Andersen shelter he's just built in the garden; Elaine is thinking about boys and stockings and her job at the factory. Jenny, aged eleven is worrying about the animals. But Bobbie -- aged nine, has never been so excited in his life. He thinks the war is the most fantastic game. His only worry is that it will end before he is old enough to join up -- he wants to see the planes -- He knows the names of all of them; he wants to catch a German spy; he wants to be kept in the Andersen shelter over night. It's only when his beloved Big Tom, a cat, is missing believed dead, that Bobbie realises the truth about war. A wonderful picture of childhood and a sensitive portrayal of family loyalties in times of crisis. Excitement, terror, misery and humour -- the poignancy of Goodnight Mr Tom plus the humour of Hope and Glory in this beautifully crafted young novel.
    (from Amazon)
  4. My team are looking at Narnia...
  5. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Sorry, should have made it clear, must be WW2 based - History/Literacy linkety thingy..... cross-curricularity HT's top brownie badge winner at the moment...
  6. Children in Narnia are evacuees - stories with historical/familiar settings??
  7. try hamilton trust. got v good planning for ww2 topic but have to pay for it- well worth it!!
  8. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    ooh, I think that Narnia link is a bit tenuous... the fact that they are evacuees is only mentioned very briefly, and the 'familiar setting' is a bit dodgy too - fantasy and adventure OK, but I don't think it would wash as a WW2 link.
  9. The Lion and the Unicorn - a short book but great for WW2

    Freddy and the War - a paperback

    War Boy - great for pictures of WW2
  10. With year 4/5 I used Friend or Foe by Morpurgo and Blitzed by Swindells!
  11. hheaton

    hheaton New commenter

  12. i've just downloaded stuff from literacy matters website (As a lot of it is free at the mo)
    Good as a starting point, espeically for friend or foe(which mine are enjoying).

    Also Try...

    GINN playscripts the evacuees (one of those GR books)
    Silver Sword - Ian Serrialer (excuse the spelling)
    Hunt the bismark (based on fact - and realtes to the DVD)
    '...Aldophus Tips' micheal morpurgo book - but i would people to read this first - i was glad I did as it was a bit emotional read all in one go very late one evening! (but happy)

    Hope these help.

    Theres also the 'blitz'by a name i've forgotten and other stories if you go to your local school book exchange/resource people.
  13. And theres' receipes for WW2 for isntructiosn together with safety /blackout info,

    propaganda and persuasive advertising for 'dig for victroy' etc

    newspaper accounts and recounts as evacuees, ve day etc

    Widgit do some downable symbol based ready resources for a small fee but worth it

    hampshire also have thinking skills activity (not necessarily requireing writing!)


    My whole term of literacy (year 4/5 mix) is topic linked (ww2). So if anyone wants anything e-mail me.
  14. My 3/4 class loved reading the Lion and the Unicorn and was a great starting point to our WW2 work. We later went on to write evacuee letters from the authors and letters unit and then wrote information texts about WW2.
  15. Micheal morpugo had done loads of ww1 + 2 related stories - most need tissues.....
  16. I used Doodlebug Alley (can't remember the author but look on Amazon) with Y3/4. Much more accessible for Y3/4 than some of the Michael Morpurgo texts which I know for my class would have been too complex. Lots of my class bought the book after as they enjoyed it so much. I have a script I wrote for a WW2 assembly/play (about 20mins) if you're interested.
  17. NB - e-mail addressi listed above - doesn't work any more, i changed schools and counties!
  18. Hi,

    I'd love to have a look at your assembly script if you wouldn't mind? I've got Y4s studying WWII this term!



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