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Top tips for teaching Year 6....(am a bit worried about SATS)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by NQT2004, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. NQT2004

    NQT2004 New commenter

    Am new this year in year 6 and really worried about the SATS, I don't know what I should be doing to ensure that the children are properly prepared.

    Our results have to improve on last years- Head has told us this but failed to help me understand how to ensure that this happens!!

    Any ideas, tips, good resources, anything else that comes to mind would be really helpful!
  2. NQT2004

    NQT2004 New commenter

    Am new this year in year 6 and really worried about the SATS, I don't know what I should be doing to ensure that the children are properly prepared.

    Our results have to improve on last years- Head has told us this but failed to help me understand how to ensure that this happens!!

    Any ideas, tips, good resources, anything else that comes to mind would be really helpful!
  3. Science dictionaries with key vocab for all topics. Children can then use these to revise.

    Practice questions dropped into lessons so they are aware of question types.

    Make them look back at testa and highlight their silly mistakes...so many wasted marks.

    Reading paper. Teach them to look for the easier questions as many will struggle to finish all in time.

    Teach them what things get marks in writing eg. varied sentence structure, paragraphs, vocab.

    Get them to do a piece of writing. Then give them examples of children's answers out of mark scheme. Get them to order them worst to best and say why. Pull out all good and bad. Then do similar with their own and rewrite using what they have learnt.

    Maths big focus on basic skills + - x and division.
    Lots of problem solving.

    Sorry if any of that is obvious. Hope at least one of the ideas is useful.
  4. aur


    NQT:Don't stress out too much about it.

    As for being told to raise results,ask the headteacher to personally start taking booster classes after school or at lunchtime.

    When he refuses,you will then know just how serious he is about raising standards in the school he is mneant to be responsible for.

    Kund regards.
  5. aur


    Sorry for the spelling mistakes.
  6. NQT2004

    NQT2004 New commenter

    Thanks for your practical suggestions, taking them all on board, really appreciate them.

    Will be at the Heads door with diary on Monday to pencil in a slot for her taking Booster groups!!!! (might have P45 by end of day!)
  7. I'm an NQT in Year 6 too! Being a one-form entry school, I was quite anxious but my staff team are really supportive! We have intervention classes for Literacy before school, and the Head takes after school "Maths Club" and a group who need bumping up in their writing, so I'm really lucky. However, I still feel a lot of pressure so I can totally empathise with you... but hey, I guess we can only do our best!?
  8. I was an NQT in year 6 too. Now I'm in my third year in year 6. You have to reason that you can only do your best, and if they didn't think you were good enough then then they wouldn't have put you there. See it as a compliment. You'll all be great.
  9. Ros wilson VCOP & big writing ideas are really useful and then get children to level their own writing using the success criteria.

    Everything above very good as well.

    Choose children for booster groups who you think have a chance of making it - don't let groups get to big or you won't make an impact.

    Try to make it as fun as possible and don't forget all the other practical lessons like PE and Art - the children need time to breath and have fun.
    And so do you!

    good Luck - sure you'll enjoy it and do great.

  10. Hi, Im an NQT in year 6 too, loving it! But also slightly worried about SATS already!

    I went on a 'teachers new to yr 6' course last week in my area, and found the following tips useful:

    1) Use things like 'loop cards' for key vocab in maths and science

    2) Integrate single sats questions into your lessons on the topic you've covered recently - testbase is good for this.

    3) Get chn practising mental maths LOTS.

    4) Get them to complete a couple of sats Qs from a past paper, then give them a copy of the mark scheme and allow them to attempt to mark their own, with some help from you. This will allow them to see what it is they can do to improve.

    5) Go through past papers - allow chn to work in pairs to complete them using discussion.

    6) Use reading papers in 'normal lessons' for things like word and sentence level work to get them used to the layout etc.

    7) Writing paper - get chn to use drama and ICT skills and presentation skills to complete some past writing tasks.

    8) Get chn to check through every single piece of work they do - provide them with a laminated 'checking' sheet with key areas to check on - paragraphs, punctuation, sentence structure, ambitious vocabulary, does it make sense? etc.

    9) In maths, there are 4 key areas they need to do:
    - Know and be able to do 1 method for each of the 4 operations;
    - Know key facts such as how many pence in a pound, how many m in a km, mm in cm, cm in m, ml in litre, etc. Also, CHECK THEY CAN TELL THE TIME.
    - Understand key vocab such as square numbers, square root, prime numbers, factors, multiples, shape vocab etc.
    - Be able to read all types of number line - ruler, protractor, vertical measurement line (e.g. on a jug), etc.

    Also, ID any chn who you think are capable of the next level up from where they're currently working (e.g. working at level 3, capable of level 4/ working at level 4, capable of level 5), and arrange booster classess for them.

    Good luck.
  11. sleepycat

    sleepycat New commenter

    In all areas, it; down to words, words, words. Never assume they understand anything ; even words in questions!!

    Mental Maths ; yes
    VCOP |: yes but don't get swept along in a ROS Wilson appreciation fest - make it your own.....

    Practise SAT papers including the writing; inlude them in your lesson - revise all text types.

    You can only do your best. the prob is that these days, the Y6 teacher has to produce miracles; support says it is there but in the end , It's down to you

    Good luck and make sure you rest in all holidays. The kids need you on top form when you are in the classroom
  12. NQT2004

    NQT2004 New commenter

    Thank you all - lots of practical ideas are just what I need!
    Just another question, does anyone know where I can get past SATs questions on line that are related to certain areas rather than going through past papers and pulling out questions that match.

    hope that makes sense and I don't sound like I am being laxy but why reinvent the wheel!
  13. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    NQT2004, you have my sympathy, but Year 6 can be the most incredibly rewarding year as well. You jogged my memory - someone else was worried about taking on Year 6 in the Summer and rather than repeat myself here is the thread:


    (Check out post 6 on the above thread in particular for some crucial statistics.) Good Luck.
  14. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    I find all the advice about practising papers desperately sad. This isn't education. I KNOW why you do it, but my son nearly became a school refuser over the tedious practising that went on throughout years five and six. I know it's sad when children lose marks for silly mistakes or lack of exam technique but I'd honestly rather my son's school had kept the practice to a minimum and not turned him off school by boring him to tears than the children had got a few extra marks. I wish schools would band together and refuse to be part of this anti-education, but I don't suppose it'll ever happen.

    Sorry. Rant over. It is Monday morning, after all.
  15. Doitforfree, I understand what you're saying here but we HAVE to do SATs whether we like it or not, and including single SATs questions into lessons I feel is the best way to do this rather than giving the chn test paper after test paper - at least this way they only get 1 question at a time, it's related to the topic you're doing, and it gets them used to the presentation and wording of SATs questions.

    So, BECAUSE of the SATs tests being around (which I don't necessarily agree with), I disagree with you that we shouldn't be putting SATs questions into our lessons.

    RE question from OP about related SATs questions where they're organised into categories, this is why I mentioned Testbase. This isn't an online thing but most schools do have it - ask at your school. The questions are grouped according to subject, and gives you e.g.s of all different levels of Q.

  16. jlo

    jlo New commenter

    See if your school has a copy of the testbase CD and put it on your lap top.
    It has all papers including QCA optional back to 1998. Its great for picking out types of question for revision too.
  17. NQT2004

    NQT2004 New commenter

    Does test base cost anything?
    Do we have it automatically?
    Where can I order it from ?

    Thank you!
  18. http://www.testbase.co.uk/sec/index.asp

    See this website, I use it loads for maths it is very good, you can sort past SATs papers by topic and level. Not sure how much it costs, I know we lost our KS1 disc and it was £60 to replace, but we had already paid for the licence so it is probably more

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