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Top Maths web sites...

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Bob Bridges, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. Don't know if this has been mentioned yet


    has some really cool gizmo's, great for interactive whiteboards
  2. Valed's is a good site !!!! See thread about 1968 papers!
  3. Up to year 7 www.firstforlearning.com gives a lot of free material and some of my keener parents have paid £20 for the whole course. They also do spelling and they explain the principals and have a comprehensive list of homophones.
  4. mathsyear2000
  5. Try www.what2learn.com - there is a link at the bottom of the homepage to some fun games and puzzles. They are aimed at KS3 - Foundation & Intermediate GCSE.
  6. I have maths websites for sale and am interested to know if anyone is willing to buy one. They are www.maths4schools.com and

    I have no web-site building background, so any offers for these websites would be considered!!!!!
  7. coyote

    coyote New commenter

    jw9357, I offer thruppence
  8. bigkid

    bigkid New commenter

  9. bigkid

    bigkid New commenter

    www.math.com has an algebra worksheet generator which is quite handy
  10. Your offer will be considered, coyote.... i will be in touch!!!!!!
  11. Just wanted to get this back up to the top again. Is there anyway we can persuade TES to keep it at the top? I have found this such a useful resource.

    And just to help me get organised...has anyone tried to group these websites within a corresponding topic. So I could look under Probability and find links to all the appropriate websites, and maybe a way to add new ones. I've started my own filing system if anyone can explain how to put it on a web page.
  12. Yes, I agree, Roccinante. Finding decent resources is a never-ending tasks, particularly since the arrival of the interactive whiteboard.

    TES - If you're listening - how about it?
  13. Thanks for all the postings. I work in primary special and it would be really useful if people could say whether the links are for primary or secondary. Thanks again.
  14. Posted by djce 16/12/05

    Lots of materials available on the site below in the form of worksheets, non calculator tests, investigations and Question Banks. Many simple PowerPoint lessons available also in the PowerPoint Section. Have a look and if it saves you time, use the sheets available.


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