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Top 5 junk TV programmes you need to get a regular fix of.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by mammal, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. I am currently watching Popstar to Opera Star whilst browsing on here and just thought what a lot of rubbish I watch.
    I am addicted to the following:
    1. Coronation Street
    2. Desperate Housewives.
    3. Glee
    4. Waterloo Road
    5.Deal or No Deal (on fast forward)

    - and many more!
  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    You need help...

    ..to discover the OFF button on your remote ;-)
  3. 1. GZSZ (THE German soap opera - chronically bad but I have to watch the omnibus of a Saturday morning, as I often miss it during the week)
    2. CSI (Tuesday evenings, double showing)
    3. DSDS (our version of Pop Idol/X factor, whatever you call it)
    4. Bauer sucht Frau - also chronically bad, new series starts again soon (you have it also I think .- farmers looking for wives)
    5. As I am changing my TV package to include (finally! finally! it is available...! it has only taken years for the BBC to offer it abroad) BBC entertainment, I am sure I can find enough other trash to keep me going...
  4. I do need help. I sky plus most of them and watch them, usually when my OH is out. He is responsible for the fast forwarding of Deal or No Deal and acts like he has lost his right arm if not in control of the remote when he is in. I like to make him feel that he is in charge of something in our house.
  5. 1. Coronation Street
    2. Desperate Housewives
    3. Neighbours
    4. The Scheme
    5. Supersize vs Superskinny (when it's on)

    I also watch shows like Embarrassing Bodies and 24 Hours in A&E but, unlike the shows above, I actually learn quite a lot of useful things watching these so don't consider them to be junk.
  6. ah but - you can use the catch up function and you can do allsorts whilst watching the drivel!
    I don't tend to sit down and watch - I am pottering around doing housework at the same time.
    If I want to sit down and actually concentrate on watching it will be History or Discovery Channel.
    The rest is trashy drivel to make the housework "flup along" [​IMG]
  7. I can't believe it! OH has just come in the room and decided to forward through Deal or No Deal whist I am waiting for the Pop Star to Opera Star results. No deal at £26,000 so It'll take him at least 2 mins to watch the rest!
  8. Top Gear (watching now)

    Border Control (or anything similar)

    Super Nanny (or anything similar)

    Friends (preference is, of course, an episode we have seen so many times that we say the words just before the cast)

    Anytime films (preference is, of course, ones that are too bad to make the so bad they are good thread)
  9. Oh heck - that is one thing I really cannot bear to watch!
  10. There is a series currently on one of the odd channels set in the US ... well odd people

    If you prefer I will replace it with any type of "strangers cooking for each other" programme
  11. Nooooooooooooooo, I cannot stomach them either! Nor the ones where they help you with debts, or finding a house, or how to tidy your home, or how to deal with ranty neighbours, etc.
    But we are all different [​IMG]
  12. Oh yes ... to the country/coast/foreign place ... I used to go round "new houses" but these deal with my nosiness fixation instead

    I love the lengthy list of must haves that the couples start with only to realise that they want something totally different
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I quite like Supernanny or Nanny 911 and occasionally watch Come Dine with Me (usually on catch up back to back episodes, but I prefer the 'all in one' version). I enjoyed Popstar to Opera Star last year but haven't watched it at all this time. Strictly's new format may well have put me off watching it when it comes back which is a pity as I loved it.
    I stopped watching Corrie a few years ago when yet another truly stupid story line spoiled it for me. I hadn't watched any other soap for years before I stopped watching Corrie.
    My tv is on less and less nowadays but having just spent a few days with my mother who keeps the tv on all day and watches all the guff of the day I'm glad I'm more discerning these days.
  14. reddevil

    reddevil New commenter

    I have recently discovered the joy that is Come Dine With Me[​IMG]
  15. Loving this thread... it is justifying everything I wrote today on audiences for my MA essay... it's on reality television and I made the point that even though everyone thinks it is rubbish television we still watch it and make up excuses as to why we watch it... did you know there are three levels of rubbish television - stuff we can't stand and would never watch, stuff we watch cause we think we might get something valuable out of it and stuff we watch that we would never tell anyone that we watch... guilty pleasures and the like... thanks people for validating my day's work...
  16. All the soaps
    Waterloo Road
    Sex and the City
    Come Dine with Me
    And I have recently begun my Footballers Wives addictions again [​IMG]
  17. Himself and I went into mourning when TOWIE series 2 finished.
    He has found temporary solace in any real life crime programme, e.g. The First 48, whereas I am obsessed with Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted, Celebrity Ghost Stories etc.
    I think we need a holiday....
  18. Glad we are validating your work. I now need to add Come Dine With Me as another guilty pleasure. Others on here have reminded me of it. I love the commentator and how the majority of people can't cook.
  19. [​IMG]
    As to your categories - I think they fit - although there is nothing I would not admit to watching.
    I am quite discerning, but I like a bit of drivel now and then. It helps me get on with the ironing, etc.
    There ARE some things I cannot stand to watch - mostly those I have mentioned. Big Brother is another.
  20. DId not watch the whole series of Popstar to Opera star, but saw Cheryl do the Flower duet with Katherine Jenkins and was blown away - such a beautiful piece of music and so beautifully done.
    And I LOVE Deal or No Deal!
    Two and a Half Men has recently become one of my favourite trashy comedies.
    I love cop shows.
    And I wish they'd do another series of Jonathan Creek. (Another great piece of music there!)

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