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Top 5 Issues Facing Primary School Teachers

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jiggyp, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I'm doing an article on the top 5 issues facing primary school teachers. As a former teacher myself I've got a fair idea about the issues I faced and felt strongly about, assessment pressures and poor communication across school immediately spring to mind. But, I'd be interested to hear what other teachers have to say on the matter. If you could take the time to reply I'd be really greatful. It would be fantastic if you could give some reasons behind your choices but I don't mind if it's just a list! Thanks in advance if you do decide to contribute.
  2. 1. Workload
    2. Workload
    3. Workload
    4. Workload
    5. Workload
  3. Thanks, I agree. Anyone else up for giving me 5?
  4. 1. Excessive planning
    2. Behaviour managment
    3. Paperwork
    4. Extra curricular responsibility
    5. Work/homelife balance
  5. Thanks very much for contributing.
  6. Parents - if they can't read or string a sentence together, how on earth can the children?
  7. roise

    roise New commenter

    Old computers
    Whiteboard pens that don't rub out
    shortage of laminating sheets

    But that's just me
  8. I have been teaching for 30 odd years and the issues never ever change.
    1. Workload (it just keeps on growing)
    2.Constantly changing the curriculum (at government and school level).
    3. Assessment (over complexity)
    4. Behaviour (it is getting worse yearly)
    5. Parents (at both ends; pushy and feckless)

  9. Pinkflipflop beat me to it! That was EXACTLY what I was going to write! But netsy and lovewine break it down quite well too!
  10. Communication - particularly from senior management who will change their minds at the last minute. By this it can be:
    • Changing an assembly time 1 hour before assembly, and only writing it on the board in the staffroom - WRONG. Don't assume that all staff get into the staffroom at breaktime!!
    • Also bringing forward the dates of data exchanges with colleagues with only 1 days notice!
    • Not being informed of the need to cover other colleagues classes/groups as well as your own until 10 minutes before the start of the day!!
    This is for me the worst issue because this is when the balance to work/home life becomes unmanageable particularly when staff have young families, and therefore end up working into the small hours to meet deadlines that should/could be avoided.
    Hope this is helpful - I am a teacher with 19 years experience across KS1 and 2.
  11. zannar

    zannar New commenter

  12. 1. Paperwork - seem to be doing more and more paperwork that takes me away from what I came into teaching to do.
    2. Parents - lack of respect, lack of understanding of what happens at school, lack of desire to take ANY responsibility for their own child - much easier to blame us!
    3. Changing initiatives - learn to do something one way then it changes again.
    4. Inclusion without the same level of support from outside agencies
    5. Work/life balance...
  13. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    <ol>[*]workload[*]paperwork with no obvious purpose[*]over abuse of goodwill that does not flow both ways[*]poor communication at school, local and national level - nobody seems to know what's happening from one minute to the next.[*]The most pressing issue for my school is the 'downgrading' of the status of the TAs (single status) so that now our very capable staff can not/will not remove children from class for ELS/ALS/phonics/Springboard because it involves planning and responsibility for which they are not paid or deemed qualified to do. Please see point 1!!!!! </ol>
  14. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    1. Demands for excessive 'evidence' regarding pupil progress, most of which is "in case Ofsted ask for it" and NONE of which is ever looked at.
    2. Expectations that you will sacrifice any social life because 'teaching is a vocation', therefore you will want to go to sleep at 9.30 every evening so that you are fresh for the demanding day ahead.
    3. SEN - increasing number of complete fruitloops in the classroom with no budget for any support.
    4. Constant moving of goalposts - Primary Strategy, APP, Creative Curriculum, Working Walls, Individual Learning, whatever is flavour of the month at the HT's summer conference, that's what you'll have to do next term.
    5. Parents - who think they can complain because their kid 'doesn't like the teacher', or their Little Prince missed a playtime, or their Little Princess was told to ditch the anklet.
  15. 1. Excessive and unnecessary paperwork

    2.Continual monitoring ( I know we should be accountable but I don't know any other profession who are scrutinised so closely. Why can't we be trusted?)

    3. The pressure of SATs especially on Year 6 teachers

    4. The impact that having to mark/plan/assess at home has on your marriage and relationship with your kids.

    5. Ofsted!!!!
  16. Thank you very much to everyone so far, it will be really useful when planning my article.
  17. 1. Workload
    2. Behaviour
    3. Interference in the basic running and organisation of the class room
    4. Excessive Assessment
    5. Unrealistic expectations of how much progress a child can make with no input from child or parents - we cannot teach those who are unwilling to learn!

  18. 1) Parents
    2) Parents
    3) Parents
    4) APP
    5) Targets (those produced by the Tracker are almost funny.)

    The parents are a bit of an issue with our school!
  19. I would agree with all the above. I would also add bullying (of staff not pupils)[​IMG]
  20. Thanks for reminding me yirg [​IMG]
    May I add a sixth? Bullying in the workplace!

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