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too scared to plan anything because of the uncertainty

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by anon1369, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. I am an NQT currently on supply. Although I am seeking a long term post I have not yet got one.
    My partner and I are planning on going on holiday this year with another couple as we have never been on a proper holiday. But I am fed up of the uncertainty that my position brings and I don't know what to do.
    I don't want to book anything during term time INCASE I get a job which means I would then have to cancel it and lose out. Holidays during half term are expensive and full of children so we may not be able to afford it. The other people are not teachers and so need to book the time off work well in advance so last minute deals are out the window.
    What do you do about things like this? I don't want to hold out and not book anything just in case because when the time comes around and I still have not got a job I will be so angry. But then if I go ahead and book it you know what will happen, I will find a job and not be able to go away.
    Just to confirm a school does not have to honour any booked holidays/commitments when you apply/accept a job do they?
    What would you do, how do you cope with the uncertainty this job brings?
  2. jmntsp

    jmntsp New commenter

    I would book the holiday, Crazy Chemist, if it's just for a week. I once went for a job interview to start in Sept and explained to them that I was very keen to work there, but I had a holiday booked in October, the week before half term, and that because it was for a special occasion, ie my mother's 60th birthday and the whole family were going I would be very reluctant to cancel. They were very understanding and said that this was not a problem. They were keen to have me and would be prepared to honour it. And I did get the job. Also, in one school I was in, we had a NQT start in Jan who had her wedding booked for beginning of Feb and she took about ten days off then for her wedding and honeymoon. Schools are often ok if you explain at interview, I've found. You could always tell them that if this were going to be a deal breaker for the job you would be prepared to cancel the holiday, although you would prefer not to. Good luck. If you get a full time job, hopefully you could then afford to go in peak time. Your friends could still go alone I take it?

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