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Too much liquor/amniotic fluid.

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by ladymarm, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. Anyone had this?
    Spent the evening in hospital after Gp couldn't find heartbeat. baby whizzing around in massive swimming pool of a uterus, measuring 36cm at 29 weeks so way over and now being sent for a growth scan first thing Monday. Anyone had this problem? Stomach tight as a drum and midwife said I look full term so no wonder I'm tired and breathless! i'm only a bony twig of a woman (BMI 22) so God knows why i'm so huge. MW told me to ring straight away if my waters break over weekend. Trying not to panic. i'm not ready!!
    Would be grateful to hear of similar experiences as feeling quite concerned. Thanks.
  2. I didn't get sent to the hospital but did always measure about 5/6 cm too big until 35 weeks when LO engaged. My midwife told me that its because I am so small - BMI was 21 and am a titch 4 foot 11. i.e. baby has no where to go except out in front. (This may not be the case for you) - I did go into labour at 35+6 - not sure if this was linked at all.
    Try not to worry - I know this is easier said than done. Big hug
  3. I had polyhydramnious from 25wks and they were afraid that the weight of my waters meant they could break at any time. I had steroid treatment at 30wks to develop the baby's lungs early so that he would be better able to breathe should he come early. Scans showed rapid growth from 31 wks so had a c-section at 34wks and he weighed 7lb. He needed help breathing for the first day and was in SCBU for 11 days.
    I was told a natural birth was unlikely as the waters made the baby very bouyant so the head was unlikely to engage. Every scan (weekly) showed the baby in a different position as he had so much room to move
    Had exactly the same symptoms as you with the tight belly and massive fundal measurements. I would say to take any advice you are given and look forward to the massive weight loss when you do give birth - all that water weighs a ton and you burn off serious calories carrying it around!
  4. Thanks so much for both of your replies and the hug!!!
    Andi, That's the word they used to describe me/us today- darent try to pronounce it. i understand now about the waters breaking early cos of the weight. Hmmmm did you work up to 36 weeks? Am wondering if this is unlikely for me now. I really don't want a c-section(im sure you didn't eithr).
    Even mw couldn't find heartbeat for ages as my belly is so big and full could just hear the baby crashing around- we couldn't help but laugh! Although of course I'm pretty worried about baby coimng early or being ill in some way as result of the water. MW said it's worse to have too little water than too much .It'sso heavy, i agree. like carrying around your own jacuzzi!
    Thanks again x
  5. Sorry on rereading you obviously did NOT work til 36 weeks-silly me!
    Andi did they test you for diabetes- it's been mentioned to me today but i was so surprised as urine/bloods fine throughout.
  6. my mum had this with her second child. she had a ELCS at 38 weeks but she was in hospital for quite some time on complete bed rest before giving birth. her third pregnancy was fine.
  7. They didn't have to test me - I have had type 1 diabetes for 23 years! I was being scanned pretty much weekly anyway and a scan at 24 wks showed too much fluid and by 25wks was classed as polyhydramnious.
    Baby then had a massive growth spurt at 31 wks and they booked me in for a section the following week. Scan day before it was going to happen showed growth spurt had slowed so they gave me a reprieve. Following week growth was off the chart again so I finished work on the Tue, had another scan on the Thur and they told me to go home and pick up my bag and come back. Stopped at the polling booth on the way to vote (general election day!) and had section on the Fri morning at 34+1
    I think I would have liked more time off before the birth but have loved having so much tiome after. Went back to work last Thur for 2 days and now off for Easterso will have pretty much had the whole year off.
    Urine will usually show sugar present if you do have gestational diabetes but it could be down to when you go. If it's several hours after eating or after a low carb meal you could have produced enough insulin for your sugar level to be back to normal in your blood but your body gets rid of the excess sugar by passing it through your urine so several hours later it should show up there. Have they booked you for a glucose tolerance test?

  8. Oh I see! Thanks Andi, I will have a gtt if needed after the growth scan.
    Thanks for sharing your story.
  9. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    Hope you're OK LadyMarm. Haven't experienced what you're going through. But do have GD and am having regular growth scans and baby is on the large size. Curiously, sugar never shows up in my urine samples - but I guess as Andi says, it depends when they're done!

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