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Too much for a teacher? How can I cope?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Latinosharkey, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Afternoon everybody.

    I am an a NQT and my duties consist of:

    Teaching a year 4 class of 32 Children (1 with behaviour problems) with no TA.

    I have been assigned to refurbish the school library. This includes: finding new carpets, painting walls, ordering new books, and not mention what else.

    Our head wants us to photocopy any work that links into app AFs/MAs and place them in a folder for each child.

    A Catholic Certificate in Education.

    I'm just asking peoples advice in coping with everything. How do people cope? Or is just me?

    Thank you
  2. That doesn't sound too bad to me, however I do realise that in practice it can be much worse than it is. Back in the good days, I had a class with 2 delayed children, 3 EAL pupils (on near fluent, one developing and one with no English). I addition to teaching I took 2 after school clubs per week, one lunchtime Enterprise club. I also coached an out-of-school club and facilitated other sports events when required. i studies an online TEFL course, studies Co-op learning (internally). I was on a curriculum panel, Eco committee, portfolio committee and for half the year I was doing a heck-of-a-lot of paper work for a child undergoing legal issues. It was tough, but I am a person that enjoys being busy. i loved getting results and seeing things develop. Perhaps you may need to look at your organisation and time spent at school. I done as little as possible at home (work-life balance) which meant that I was usually in school from 7:45am - 6:00pm. If you are frustrated due to the stress of this, why not call Teacher Support Line and just vent... it can help!
  3. chocolateworshipper

    chocolateworshipper Occasional commenter

    I am really sorry to hear that things are feeling overwhelming for you. Just one really small suggestion - could you get some Year 6 helpers to help with some non-confidential admin stuff? Do you have school librarians who could help with the library at break times? If not - could you suggest it? I hope you get lots of helpful advice from others on the forum x
  4. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    I hope you are not actually painting the walls?? Are you getting your NQT and PPA time?
  5. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    are you not employed to teach?
    what is going on here?
  6. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    we paint our classrooms because nobody else will /nobody will pay for it to be done. Still, I know that a good job will be done. We also garden, build sheds, lay carpet, fix leaks, look after livestock, unblock toilets and move furniture.
    Sometimes we teach.
  7. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    Sounds to me like you are being taken advantage of!
  8. Compassman

    Compassman Star commenter

    It's about time teachers stopped being taken advantage of like this.
  9. dizzymai

    dizzymai New commenter

    Hi Latino

    I was asked to oversee the library during my NQT year but I did have support from the acting Deputy at the time and she ensured I had extra time off to do these duties, on top of my NQT and PPA time. Getting Y6 helpers is a good idea. I also got the help of the local LIbrary Services who came in and helped me with getting rid of old books and colour banding new ones. A parent governor also came in and helped and a volunteer came weekly to keep shelves tidy. Our library is now much improved (we had a donation of a sofa and is overseen daily by some very diligent Y4 girls who keep the shelves tidied and the returned books box emptied.
    I would
    -ask for some extra time, it may just be one afternoon to look through catalogues or choose paint. Could you ask the caretaker to help?
    - contact your local library education service if nec.
    - get some librarian helpers on a regular basis- set up a library club?
    NO TA is common nowadays with the cuts and be thankful you only have 1 behaviour issue. Welcome to the world of teaching (where you feel overwhelmed a lot of the time). The NQt year is tough but you can do it!

  10. Is it the role of an NQT to paint the school? I despair. I'm retired now but am still a Governor. The painting and all aspects of fixtures and fittings are organised through a sub committee of the Governing Body. We work on the old fashioned premise that teachers are there to teach.
    Furthermore, I despair when I read posts like number 2 on this thread. What possible help can it be for the OP? The nature of the job has changed out of all recognition and post 2 is at best irrelevant and at worst self indulgence of the highest order. Imagine a zeppelin pilot offering advice to someone who flies an F15.
    The OP can console himself with the fact that this present generation of teachers is the best trained in history. A difficult start will pass.
  11. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    ....er No, perhaps you should do what you are employed to do.....teach!
    I hope you don't / didn't teach English!
  12. I think you will find that being employed as a teacher nowadays is not just about teaching. You will have a section in your contract that will read along the lines of "and any other tasks assigned to you by the head teacher pertinent to the development and wellbeing of the school". I think the attitude that teachers should only teach is very damaging to the reputation of teachers. That being said, no teacher should be overloaded with work - which is the reason I think Mr. grove has got it so, so wrong with the working hours issue.

    I missed out a word. My error, and I apologise for the offence, upset or mental anguish that this has caused you. Really, do we need to point out careless errors on a social web forum? If you feel the need, I am sure that there are quite a few errors in my posts - just search through them if it makes you happy. And yes, part of my job was teaching English and I had very good attainment in this area.
  13. "And yes, part of my job was teaching English"

    Like you I don't teach anymore. Thankfully, after thirty odd years I retired in the summer. These "back in the day" observations are as useless as they are irritating and the last thing the OP needs.

  14. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    Of course it is more than just teaching but painting walls is stretching it under anyone's definition!
  15. With this, I agree :)
  16. Hi there, there is a saying well used by many in our profession, 'give me a brush, I'll shove it up my a**e and sweep the floors at the same time.' I just wonder why? No, it's not just you, I have been teaching for a while, perhaps longer than some of my younger collegues havae been alive, I have seen more initiatives, policies come and go, I have seen the wheel invented and reinvented, teaching has certainly changed, we are expected to do so much these days, I am personally finding it harder to cope now, maybe it's my age or is it just our role/s that have changed. Anyway, chin up! Enjoy the weekend and the Sunday planning, ha ha. Val
    Oh, I find red wine and chocolate help and a hug from my grown up children help.
  17. Red wine sounds like liquid gold! Lol

    Thank you all for the help. I'm requesting a meeting about my duties.

    Thank god it's not just me.

    Thanks agin.
  18. It might be an idea to call your union rep and just let them know what you are doing... sometimes things don't always go to plan. Can you tell that I don't trust school management much!
  19. captainKirk, Are you ready to beam me aboard yet? Believe me, I'm ready to go...... Val
  20. neli

    neli Occasional commenter

    You are responsible for painting the library walls, fine, pick a colour you like and leave a note for the care taker, job done :)
    Paint library walls!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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