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Too late to leave?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by ivor_Monkey, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Firefly, you ask if you are too late to change your mind. As the previous posters have indicated, you are not too late.
    when finely balanced decisions have to be made, it is only when a
    person decides finally one option, that the right choice is identified. A
    feeling of that chosen option is the wrong one can come soon after
    announcing the decision! That old sinking feeling....

    But then again, pyschologists might confuse us by telling us that
    that sinking feeling might simply be related to the anticipatory loss associated with
    foregoning an option, and should not necessarily be mistaken as you
    having made the wrong choice. You might get that same sinking feeling if you
    initally choose to go. This is probably all pyscho babble because i think i
    just made it up. Deciding between finely balanced alternatives is
    difficult, and not just for librans!

    But why do you now feel more lonely after work compared with before you made the ("wrong") decision to stay? Has much on the ground has really changed by your decision?
    But if moving to BF is genuinely the best decision for you, then
    changing your mind now and saying to the school that you really need to
    move should not cause particular problems for your school. Schools expect to deal with staff turnover at this time of year.
    I might be wrong, but in
    terms of career progress and ref, it might look better if you do not present your
    decision to the school (and prospective school) in terms of moving to be with BF.Is there
    also a good professional reason for moving to the new location...

    Good luck.
  2. <font size="2">Thank you all for your replies, it really is so helpful. </font>
    <font size="2"></font>
    <font size="2">Monkey your post really got me thinking - the first part about the sinking feeling once making a decision - it's so true! However I've had that feeling when I have 'finally decided' both times! Ah!</font> anonymous.

    <font size="2">
  3. v12


    Unless you work in an Independent School, when you are obliged give a full term's notice.
  4. If the school is independent then surely it is down to the discretion of the HT. I'd hope that the OP has a contract which states T+Cs of employment. It does sound as though she has a good relationship with her HT though so I'd imagine he/she would be quite accommodating. My biggest concern for the OP is finding another job where she is as happy.
  5. In view of what you say about your present school and career prospects, keep looking at the vacancy list that you have access to andapply when and if something suitable comes up but be ware of resigning in May if you havent got anything to go to.
  6. pancake99

    pancake99 New commenter

    what was your partners reaction when you said you were staying? did that contribute to any 'sinking feeling' ie was he/she devasted or did they take it matter of factly?
    how would you feel if you moved and dint find work or the relationship ending up breaking down.
    or if you stayed, work may become more stressful and less friendly and ...well i could go on.
    you have till may 31st to decide, take your time, the right decision will present itself when it needs to

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