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Too late to apply for a PGCE for September?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Tovin, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. Tovin

    Tovin New commenter

    I was hoping to apply for a pgce in September. I applied to do the maths equivalency test in May which was then cancelled due to lock down and later I got covid-19, that was a pretty scary time for me.

    There is no maths equivalency tests in my area still and I am wondering if it's too late now for this year to apply. I phoned get in to teaching and they said to phone a few providers to see if I can do the test alongside the pgce but the places I have contacted so far have said no and that I need get bursary/finance in place.

    I had hoped to start teacher training this year as I will be 50yrs next year and I am worried about waiting another year.

    Someone suggested to look at FE Colleges and obtain qtls but I really wanted to teach in secondary schools.

    Got no idea what to do now and I would be grateful for any suggestions as I very much wish to be a teacher and I have worked in schools for years primary/secondary and colleges. I do know what is involved.
  2. marrowf

    marrowf New commenter

    I wrote to the PGCE tutor at my university, had an interview at the end of July last year and started in September, it's late in the day but it depends if you are in a shortage subject and what their intake has been like. If they still have places then you can still get a place :)
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  3. Jeremyinspain

    Jeremyinspain Occasional commenter

    Colleges are very worried about students deferring next year because of covid, I would imagine they'd snap you up. Good luck.
  4. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    I’ve still got one interview date. I’ve also got people sitting equivalency all the way until November (rule change), but they won’t access funds or confirm their place until they prove it. If they don’t - they will lose everything. It is high stakes time. I’d be inclined to recommend a year's delay.
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  5. scoobs00

    scoobs00 New commenter

    The other option is to find a part time course? I've been accepted for my Biology PGCE/QTS but because I have a child starting school in September, I'm starting my course in January instead, in a local school and with the theory online based, which will suit me better.
    I'm using the time in-between to complete a 20 week SKE which I have a bursary for too.
    Although, it seems the DFE have now cut off the SKE bursary provision for this year, as there have been people on my forums that have signed up but just been told there is no more money available for them. This may change for the next academic year though, so worth considering?
  6. Tovin

    Tovin New commenter

    Thank you for your replies it is a shortage subject in the sciences. I am thinking of still trying to get in but after looking at the information available, it probably would be better to wait for year, do the equivalence test, volunteer in schools for a year. I am not one to admit defeat but after phoning the people from the get in to teaching community I think they were more or less hinting out that is what I should be doing. I would have preferred to start this year as I will be 50yrs of age next year. But I think it's out of my hands at the moment. World is a crazy place and I guess things could be much worse.
  7. phatsals

    phatsals Senior commenter

    And don't go for PGCE in FE, you would only be able to start applying for QTLS at the end of the course, it would then take another year. You pay for registration and keep on paying for the rest of your natural. PGCE with QTS is your best way forward, QTS is for life, no further payments.

    I appreciate you feel the clock ticking, but you won't be the only one on your course or in the classroom. Don't let it hold you back.
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  8. Tovin

    Tovin New commenter

    Thank you for your feedback. Instead of applying this September for pgce. I will apply for next year and as you have said its important to get the qts. While I am getting classroom experience, I will vary the schools too not just stay in one place then once I finish the pgce the following year hopefully the experience I get this year will be more appreciated when applying for jobs in the future. There is also the possibility of a second lock down this year so it might be smarter to start next year.

    With new health technology being invented and people getting fitter through exercise/diet we might all be working till 70yrs of age. Daunting prospect!!!
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  9. Tovin

    Tovin New commenter

    I was wondering if the bursary will still be in place for next year. Although I am going in to teaching because it's my ambition but I have to admit that I would slightly be upset about not getting one (who wouldn't) however it won't deter from applying. :D
  10. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Science will be fine.
  11. Tovin

    Tovin New commenter

    I am more positive about not starting the pgce this year as I believe I can learn a lot from the schools before I start in 2021 with the experience I hope to gain.

    As long as nothing else happens in 2020 like an Alien invasion, :D the way thing are going it would not surprise me then I should be ok. I was mostly worried about my age, becoming 50yrs next year and then competing for jobs following year at 51yrs.

    Thank you all very much for the feedback. :)

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