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Tom and Katie to divorce.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by pagoda, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. pagoda

    pagoda New commenter


    I can't find trace of this elsewhere on here but sorry if it has already been mentioned.
  2. if true -
    good for her!!
  3. Yes, bit out of the blue by all accounts.
    Of course noone can really know what happens, but sod that, let's all put our tuppence-worth forward. I imagine he was v controlling (remember film extras not allowed to look at him? Bonkers.) Also, the Scientology malarky must've been a bit of a weird thing to get used to. Katie Holmes is RC so imagine it is hard to adapt from a traditional Christian perspective to that "take" on things.
  4. ok - as londoner - in tottenham court road is uk scientology outreach
    they invite students in to take 'personality test' - you can fill it in however you want, it all comes out, "you're f^*cked - we can help you"
    so any vulnerable london student is sucked in
    oh - and i went on a christian peace weekend some years ago - only 2 delegates smoked - guess who?
    soooo psychologically sorted, huh?
  5. Andy_91

    Andy_91 New commenter

    As a penniless student in the early 1970s, I always found religious sects and cults were good for a free meal as they tried to suck you in. I'm all in favour of religious loonies and I hope they're still around when I'm a penniless pensioner seeking salvation, tea, biscuits, vegan stew etc
  6. Andy_91

    Andy_91 New commenter

  7. Andy_91

    Andy_91 New commenter

    Actually scientologists sue, so I won't say that.
  8. andy - it's a shame you have no compassion for those pschycologically weaker than yourself
  9. Andy_91

    Andy_91 New commenter

    I don't know how you work out a lack of compassion from what I wrote.
    A lot of hysterical tosh is written about cults and sects. OK a few like Jim Jones and the Branch Davidians are a bit prone to suicide, but most scientologists, spiritualists, evangelicals, brethren, Krishna devotees etc that I know and have known merely do a lot of religion, in return for which in extreme communal living cases mean they get food, drink and a roof - not to be sneezed at in these recessionry times..
    And contrary to popular belief (and the business interests of cult de-programmers acting for rich parents who have alienated their kids), people do often leave of their own volition after a few years- staying in is more likely when a whole family is in.
    Read Eileen Barker's book on the Unification Church
  10. Is there some correlation between christianity and smoking then?
  11. which has to do with scientology what?
    in tottenham court road, there is
    a scientologist shop front designed to suck students in - and students
    away from home for the first time are well known to be phychologically
    suscetible - by offering them 'personality tests' which tell them they
    are physchooglically f*cked and in need of help however they fill the test
    in, in order to suck them in to the scientoligist 'hand over you rmoney' cult
    that is a cult
    do they get away? how much later? how many years of their lives have they lost? how much of their selves have the lost?
    poster after that - sorry i was obtuse - the only smokers were the scientologists - who claim they are so pschycologically superior - not impressive, imo
  12. I believe there is an internet 'hate campaign' against scientology, and its followers.
    (Must ask son for more info)
  13. have you looked at the scientolgists' hate and harassment campaigns against those who try to expose their fallacies?
  14. Ooh no. I must do. They certainly seem like a rum bunch, to say the least.
    The only thing I know about them is the hoo-ha they created after they got 'South Parked'!

    (As an aside, the only 'sect' that South Park couldn't cruelly satirise were the Mormons. Always just too 'nice'! I'm an atheist btw, and sorry for rambing)
  15. Andy_91

    Andy_91 New commenter

    Same sort of thing - the vehicle through which a better life is promised may have different wrapping, but the 'offer' is pretty much the same.
    And with cults/sects, many people find the discipline and communality provided helps them through difficult times (without medication) and later they dirft off out. Eileen Barker's book is valuable because it looks longitudinally at experiences.
    And of course I know about the shop. It's been around for years. I've been in the shop, many, many years ago when I was a student and it was tipping it down and I had an hour to kill. I am sure I still have a shed-load of engrams to purge but as there was no food on offer, I was disinclined to prolong my dalliance after the rain abated.
    Clearly some millenial cults are hazardous, but most are pretty harmless. Sects and cults which withdraw and are world rejecting can be a cause for concern. No-one should really worry too much about sects/cults that accommodate the 'real world'. Members function perfectly well in jobs etc and the sect/cult will encourage everyday participation to fund its activities through the modern equivalent of tithes and the collection box - in Scientology's case flogging courses which I would imagine are no more useless than many of the management courses I have had inflicted on me from time immemorial, and I didn't believe them either.
    Lambs and sheep and flocks have always figured as sort of metaphors for congregations (and if you think about it it isn't entirely complimentary) from the start of Xtianity and even the good old C of E will consume your life if you let it, what with fetes, jumble sales, young mothers, bible classes and the standing order they ask you for if you're a regular congregation member.
    Another point to bear in mind is that sects/cults either die out (if they're world-rejecting) or slowly become more mainstream. Think Christianity for example - started with just 12 blokes, one God-like being and a couple of women of dubious repute. Then in the past few hundred years there's Quakers, Methodism, the Salvation Army (think about them - if they started now with bugles and uniforms would they be accepted). Krishna Consciousness, a relatively recent one, now mounts substantial Aid Campaign.
    Basically your gullible young Scientologist will be sucked into being encouraged to go out into the world to have job (to pay for courses), will be discouraged from taking antidepressants, will have a community of friends of like-minded misguided people, and will function as a productive member of society. The cult will not spit them out, but they more often than not leave. What is so bad about that? Does it matter if the offer from the cult seems more congenial than the offer from Mum and Dad.
  16. Bit suprised about the apparent support and understanding for Scientology, andy. You make it sound much less harmless than it is.
    I am not interested (or surprised) about the divorce. Scientology here and there, who would want to stay married to Tom Cruise?

  17. quite

  18. Would anyone here convert to Scientology for "love" or however much Miss Holmes will gain from the marriage?
  19. She'll make nothing - prenup!
    And she is suing for sole custody of strangely named daughter.
    It's all over the news - cos it is really important!
  20. It is. Because we can take the p iss.
    At least she raised her profile by marrying the weirdo, even if the pre-nup means she won't get much money . Or could she really have loved him?

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