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Told I need more independent writing in nursery...

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by HEL21, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. I'm shocked at the worksheet comment, in Early Years???? Think about ways to implement writing into all areas, shopping lists for the house area, music paper in your music area, squared paper in the maths area, notebooks, sticky notes, coloured paper, envelopes, post cards in the office area, name cards in all areas for children to write their names on their work.
    Another idea I heard about recently. was to use a big sheet and the children to write about a book, activity, event etc... as a whole group on the sheet, chn will make pictorial marks but the adults can annotate or the chn can write letters depending on their stage of development and then evidence by taking photos, then the sheet can be washed and reused!

    Hope this helps xx
  2. lizzii_2008

    lizzii_2008 New commenter

    Thanks for all the replies!
    I am definitely going to check out the sites that people have suggested so thank you very much for those.
    I think I'll be spending half term planning and organising a reshuffle in the classroom!

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