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toiling in school day

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by knit chick, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. I would argue that once a day is not enough. Your pupils might leave their house at 7:30 and not return until after 4. I think twice a day- with extra where needed- is best. In my old class which had seven pmld pupils we aimed for 2 - 3 times a day. I fitted this in- like you- with breaks and set activities for the other pupils. I think that when you also consider that these pupils need position changes due to chest problems and mobility issues, two changes also allows for this. I always fitted this round things like swimming and physio where possible so as to reduce hoisting, but this did not always work and sometime you get that 'ten to three special' where you need to rush someone in before taxis. A pupil in my new class is currently only changed once a day but this is at the request of parents as their pad ratio per day has been reduced. It is also in conjunction with after school club, as we know she is toileted the minute she arrives there. Hope this helps
  2. I work in a residential special school-during the school day, children are changed/toileted twice a day at least-during the morning and afternoon snack times which last for 30 minutes each. All of our students are staffed 1:1 so we can get through changing a bit quicker than some schools where the staffing ratio is not quite as high. On the houses, we change/toilet them at lunchtime too. Obviously, if they need changing at other times, such as during lessons, staff just do it as and when. On the residential units, we also change/toilet them in the morning when dressing and in the evening when getting ready for bed and obviously any other time they show evidence of a soiled pad.

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