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Toddler with a veggie phobia...any tips?!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by La Mariposa, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. So, my LO (19 months) has always been a good eater. Most things met with approval including liver, oily fish, all veggies, marmite etc. In fact he still loves strong flavours and all of the above EXCEPT veggies! He still has a good appetite and I'm not concerned about how much he eats rather what he eats. I know toddlers go through a fussy stage and I'm all up for normal development but I'm worried about his vitamin/mineral intake. He will still eat cereal, fruit, bread/oatcakes/crackers, pasta, fish (including sardines, mackerel etc), all types of meat, dairy products but he has developed a total refusal of ANY type of veg. It's not as though I'm introducing new things to him (I know toddlers can get frightened of new things esp. foods), I offer all the veggies he's known & liked since he was weaned. Just wondered if anyone has any tips to get more veggies in his diet? I think the right thing to do is to keep putting the broccoli, carrots, cauli cheese etc in front of him? Also, should I think about getting some vitamin drops? Many thanks in advance.
  2. handrail

    handrail New commenter

    Hi La Mariposa. My LO (15months) is similar in that he will eat everything and loves strong flavours but lately he has been throwing his veggies on the floor. I've found that he will eat them if I mash them up and spoon feed him them but he doesn't seem to like them as finger foods. I've decided to give him them mashed just so he is getting some veggies x
  3. Oooh great tips thanks for the replies. I'll try mashing handrail..... I think I will go down the hiding route but still put them on the plate too in their original form. I'm going to have to do more soups and sauces I think. Also I like the sound of fritters...Hmmm just thought of carrot cake too....Anyone else got any yummy ideas for making veg more interesting?
  4. No interesting ideas really but my LO goes mad for tiny things like sweetcorn and peas that she can pick up with her fingers! Keeps her occupied for ages. Also cooked cubes of carrot or pepper. Sweet potato wedges are popular too. You can make ratatouille quite easily with loads of veg then blitz it up to serve with pasta if your Lo won't eat it chunky. If you're worried about vit intake you could try Abidec drops? We're using them following incessant colds and I think she's been a bit better since we've started them.
  5. I have always had a staggering amount of success with vegetables from the freezer. Sweetcorn, peas, broad beans, mixed veg (yeuk). Not what I would choose myself but healthy, convenient AND cheap!!!

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