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Today's maths

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Moisy, May 11, 2017.

  1. SansAtout

    SansAtout New commenter

    You quoted paragraph 9.2 of the 2017 KS2 ARA, which says
    "At KS2 it must also include: the results of any national curriculum tests taken, including the pupil’s scaled score, and whether or not they met the ‘expected standard."
    The clue is in the inverted commas around 'expected standard'. This is defined in paragraph 4.3: "For the KS2 tests a scaled score of 100 represents the ‘expected standard’."
    This definition is repeated in paragraph 8.1, where it also says:
    "Test results will be published on NCA tools on Tuesday 4 July. Each pupil registered for the tests will receive: a raw score (the number of marks awarded); a scaled score; confirmation of whether or not they met the ‘expected standard’."
    There is no ambiguity here. The published results on the NCA tools website confirm whether or not a child has met the 'expected standard', and that is what we must report to parents.
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  2. Pomza

    Pomza Star commenter

    You appear not to understand the difference between a school 'report' written by a class teacher (In which the school can use any terminology it likes and can be sent home at any stage or interval) and the reporting of end of Key Stage statutory assessment scores.

    After SATs scores are released, the school has to report to parents the scaled scores in each subject area and whether or not those scores represent achieving the 'expected' standard. Schools may also report Teacher Assessments (using the correct, stipulated terminology) on the same document, but it's the test scores which count and are used to inform Progress 8/secondary targets and primary school published data.
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