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today's lesson - query regarding assessment levels

Discussion in 'Music' started by flissyann, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. I would be beginning to look at level 5 for those who managed this without too many problems. Especially if performing guitar and singing as this counts as performing significant parts and understanding their role within a performance etc. Hope this helps?
  2. Sounds like you're having a great time!
    If you look at the Performing strand of the level descriptors the progression is something like -
    Level 1: Play with awareness of others
    Level 2: Play in time with the pulse
    Level 3: Play part with several notes in time with the pulse
    Level 4: Maintain own part with awareness how parts fit together and overall effect
    Level 5: As level 4 but with awareness of role - leading others, taking solo part, providing rhythmic support
    Level 6: Expressive use of musical elements, subtle adjustments to fit their part within a group performance
    So based on your own judgement if Johnny went out of time he might be working towards Level 4. The majority of the class were fitting parts together and making a cool overall effect - secure Level 4. Your superstars who are leading the way - counting in, holding a strong pulse that keeps others together are working at Level 5 and you might have some G&Ts that are demonstrating some Level 6 skills.
    Sometimes hard in a whole class to accurately assess but as you've been with them for three years I think you could level 'em no problem.
    I think its nice to make pupils aware of the criteria and get them self assessing - they love it too. 'ooh I'm level 4 what level are you?'
  3. Axeman missed otu the word 'signifcant' from is level descriptors. I give level four for singing and holding a part in a round or maintaining a solo part, likewise for playing one of the parts from pavane fornjackmpoint in music matters. In other words playing and holding a simple part with some rhythmic challenge and disjunct movement. It shounds like you players may be playing SIGNIFICANT parts, and of course this word is open to interpretation.

    However, as music teachers that were probably brought up in the grading system, taking our grades on our instruments, we tend to think of the performance as the main stay of our assessment regime, not surprisingly. But the national curriculum places more emphasis on musical UNDERSTANDING.

    Your topic, tying together slave trade along with the development of spiritual and gospel music gives plenty of scope for developing understanding of how time and place affects the creation of musical genres - you may even get to processes and contexts which is level 6. If you can devise a way of assessing this you can award these levels overall.

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