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Today's AQA AS History paper

Discussion in 'History' started by Intheknowsothere, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. You can wait until the paper is on the website if no-one here wants to answer (for obvious reasons...) and then compare to the textbook. It is too late for AQA to change anything now and if what you suggest is correct then this will be yet another example of corruption.
  2. I believe this has happened in other subject areas as well and with OCR WJEC as well shocking!
    We always try to use a variety of resources:
    Nelson Thornes
    but now wonder if we should just use the book?!
  3. I suppose no-one's replied because a) they don't teach AQA History or b) it's best not to blow the whistle - after all who loses?

    Well, I would like to congratulate Nelson Thorne's on their marketing.

    In particular in the Chief Examiner's textbook appears this practice question - with source material, so clearly pupils WILL practice this....

    Here is the question from the exam:

    "How important was the use of terror in Hitler?s consolidation of power from February 1933 to August 1934?"

    Now look at the one in the book - any History teacher willing to post it?
  4. What were the Part A and Part B exam questions for Italy under AQA Totalitarian Ideologies?

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