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Toast Sheenagh Pugh

Discussion in 'English' started by gh38, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. gh38

    gh38 New commenter

    Please please please can someone help me out ... does anyone have any ideas about the 2 line, 15 stanza, enjambment laden structure of the poem Toast by Sheenagh Pugh? It's driving me crazy - I cant think of any explanation that fits with the ideas in the poem... would be very very grateful for any ideas.
  2. ajpanjo

    ajpanjo New commenter

    Looking at shape lots of stanzas could represent the many people that built the stadium. The fact that there is no stanza that stands out could mean that no individual builder was important as such, it was just the mass effect of all of them being beautiful and hopeful in the sun that cumulatively had the effect on Sheenagh.

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