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To Year 1.... and anybody else too :-)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by upsadaisy, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    Years ago I used to have a separate choosing area, that the children in Year 1 could go to when they had satisfactorily finished their work. I used to put out different activities for them to choose from. (Once it was an enormous puzzle of the British Isles that took a week but they all did a piece/s and they loved it).

    In Reception I had 3 tables and I would work with one group and my T.A. would supervise the other groups, but I did not have any outdoors access (This was years and years ago) The children would come in the morning to different tasks put on the 3 tables. But only 1 group would work with me while the others had free choice.
  2. life2teach

    life2teach New commenter

  3. life2teach

    life2teach New commenter

    Urrgh typing...
    ...At least you had 3 tables.
    As a Year 1 teacher what would you expect the (reception) children to know in September?
  4. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    I would like them to be able to write their name, read and write numbers 1-10 (ideally to 20 though that doesn't seem to happen often), be secure at phase 2 letters and sounds and well into phase 3, if not secure at phase 3. To be able to hold and use scissors correctly! To be independent.
  5. life2teach

    life2teach New commenter

    Thanks this is helpful. [​IMG] I have some ideas to get the children writing their name as I think this is important also. I agree with the other stuff too. With scissors they need practise so things can go on the creative table for that.
    Its good to know what the end of year goals are from teachers. There is the profile and other documents to use but I also like to know teachers views also.
  6. It can be very confusing as difficult school/teacher have very different ideas about planning, delivery and learning expectations.
    As a YEAR 1 teacher I expect children to be independent, be able to commit their ideas,knowing hwo to line up quietly, be able to know good sitting, listening, talking, social skills like turn taking, being polite, knowing how to share equipment with out teacher interventation.
    These seem like simple basic skills to want however each year that ive took year one they children need to be TRAINED in all these things again.

    Numeracy -count and know place value up to and beyond 10, add and subtract within 5 at least, name 2d shapes, constrct patterns
    Literacy -working within letters and sound phrase 3, hold a pencil correctly, sit correctly when writing, forming letters and symbols, writing cvc words indepently, recongise and know how to write their name.
    there are other things but these are most haves

    hope this helps
  7. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I'm quite shocked by these expectations (previously teaching reception)

    because I would expect children to have completed phase 4 (some to be working within phase 5) all to be able to write at least one sentence independently forming letters correctly and to be able to add and subtract within 10 (at least) before they leave reception
  8. I argee however It also dependence on what your school is like, how the children enter the school, what experiences they have had, sen and eal stage

    Also those expectation are for the national average child - sorry thats the only way I can put it- Ive teach in a school with very high EAL so Im lucky ifii have any child working within Phase 4 as they need a lot of repeative and visual activities to progress
  9. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Our children enter significantly below national expectations (some don't even communicate in speech)
    The school is an area of high social/economic deprivation, SEN, free school meals etc all above national levels.

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