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To what extent are teachers expected to 'tolerate' students abuse?

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by bigkid, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. bigkid

    bigkid New commenter

    I suspect they often are.
    Probably as they interact with pupils far more.
    Very much depends on the strength and determination of the union group in the school.
    In some schools it takes the pupils concerned abusing the head or trashijng her office.

  2. BigFrankEM

    BigFrankEM Occasional commenter

    Got it in one, sunshine.
    (Though if you don't shape up on your punctuation, your time as a teacher trainee will be very short indeed.What the hell do you mean by closing a bracket without having opened it ? As for a semi-colon placed after a question mark ?? And a hyphen there too ??? )
    "Let me see if I've got the charge sheet right for Mr/Ms M_M_T, deputy head:
    i) Fails to control children
    ii) Fails to enthuse children
    iii) Fails to motivate children
    iv) Constantly complains about "his/ her rights" but never once mentions the rights of the poor, misunderstood, afflicted children whom s/he has so singularly failed to control, to motivate and to enthuse.
    v) Mentions the phrase SMT in a tone which is both irreverent and perhaps even a tad condescending.
    vi) Utilises the phrase legal as if he didn't know that the word was removed from the curriculum in the 1988 "Great Education Reform Bill."
    Yes, I know deputy-head, the list seems unbelievable, after all these years of wholesale societal denial, &agrave; la Nazi Germany. This one is so warped s/he hasn't cottoned on that the parents know <u>exactly</u> what is happening but they have to pretend not to so we can keep the show on the road and thus pretend that English society is not in meltdown. How do these misfits get past the college admissions tutor after all these years ? Surely the know we only want ex-squaddies in this man's educational army.
    Yes of course, deputy head. I'll sign the college papers now. Based on past experience, they'll give him/ her the bum's rush at Easter. And obviously, if they foul up and let him/ her through, under the SoS' s latest rules, they can slap on a competency procedure in the 2nd week of September and s/he'll be on the broo' by Christmas."
  3. kittylion

    kittylion Established commenter

    This must be a joke right? I thought the OP was doing a winking smiley ;-)
    Is that not it then?

    Also I don't understand:


    Why all the references to deputy head?

    Have I missed something?
  4. What you have missed is this: As a teacher you will have to put up with any abuse tht comes your way because you will always be seen as the one who hasn't done her job right if sutdents misbehave. they don't misbehave because they can...they only misbehave because you haven't managed to fascinate them.
  5. kittylion

    kittylion Established commenter

    Do you mean me or the OP? Whoah - I am seriously out of it on this thread - think I'll retreat to Personal.

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