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To do or not to do - school visits and job applications

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by BYusuf, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. WildKyogre

    WildKyogre New commenter

    Is there a polite way of saying in my application or email with my application that I was/am unable to visit the school I am applying for because I work supply and live over an hour away on public transport?

    (planning to move into the area as soon as I have job lined up for September)
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  2. cornflake

    cornflake Established commenter

    Yes - just say that.
    As a Head, I have to say I take no notice of who has come to look round! I shortlist on the basis of the application against the essential and desirable criteria.
    In many ways, expecting candidates to come and look round before shortlisting is unfair because not every one can!
    Having said that, for an SLT position I WOULD expect you to have come round, or at least rung for a chat if you live quite a way from us....
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  3. a1autotransport

    a1autotransport New commenter

    It's great to visit the school before presenting the application as you can really recognize regardless of whether this school is the correct one for you.
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  4. shallicomeback

    shallicomeback New commenter

    I was successful many years ago for a job and the headteacher admitted that he made his mind up about candidates when they came to visit the school. However, he only invited shortlisted candidates to view the school
  5. RjMaan

    RjMaan New commenter

    No i don't think so, infect your visit will make you familiar with the administration and stuff that you are interested to work here.
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  6. shadowkitten

    shadowkitten New commenter

    I went to a school for a visit last week and the headteacher told me that she doesn't shortlist anyone who doesn't come and visit the school. So some schools do still have this mentality!

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