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‘To do marking and feedback right takes three days for every fortnight of teaching.

Discussion in 'Education news' started by TES_Rosaline, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. smartledore123

    smartledore123 New commenter


    I am in need of some help, but none of the threads or forums seem active. I was wondering what exam board you are delivering?

    Regards, Sarah
  2. smartledore123

    smartledore123 New commenter


    I am in need of some help, but none of the threads or forums seem active. I was wondering what exam board you are delivering?

    Regards, Sarah
  3. Compassman

    Compassman Star commenter

    Once a few teachers start doing things like Verbal Feedback stamps it becomes expected. Just stop it.....all of you.

    As for getting rid of Ofsted then yes. Most of the countries in the world manage more than very well without an Ofsted. Only the UK is obsessed with over regulation to the point of destruction.
  4. schoolsout4summer

    schoolsout4summer Star commenter

    Anyone worked in other European primary schools, that could comment on the marking in exercise books?
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  5. Scintillant

    Scintillant Star commenter

    The answer to is it say "we monitor our teachers on an informal daily basis. They employ good practice and regularly give verbal feedback to the pupils. We do not need to write down every time that happens. We know it does, we see it, and that is enough for any professional
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  6. schoolsout4summer

    schoolsout4summer Star commenter

    I have seen this and variants of it in many Primary schools.
  7. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    Just to add to the others here, I practised as light a marking policy (secondary school) that I could, and consistently got high exam results.

    And again to repeat what has already been said here, "marking" of the sort of examples shown here and in the article, is for the benefit of management, OFSTED, and bean counters as a pure and simple intimidating teacher control technique.

    The silly thing of it all, is that we have to spend time trying to figure out how to play the system rather than thinking up ways to make our lessons enjoyable and take our students with us.

    No, not just silly --- demoralising, --- grinding down, -- a waste of time, -- distressing when we could be doing a proper job of it, -- most definitely not what the vast majority of us came into teaching for.
  8. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    This would get a better response if we could use our forum log ins to comment directly.

    Anyway it is a load of codswallop. I have just completed a contract in a school where pupils' work was never marked. Only assessments were marked and fed back. No-one died and OFSTED were happy. My previous school we had to mark regularly with written feedback. The kids only bothered to read it if you dedicated half of the next lesson to it. If you wanted them to respond then you needed the whole of the next lesson.
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  9. drek

    drek Star commenter

    Ill thought out Marking policies which are unfair to those teachers teaching 44/50 classes a fortnight is one of the reasons for shortages. Next is paying some lazy ****** more who teaches less than 22/44 classes a fortnight to check over your hard work and 'comment' on it....usually asking you to add one more thing they'd like to see you do to 'improve' your marking.....this nonsense gets them more leadership points and a bigger pay rise the following year....
    These systems really are thought of by the laziest and the craziest!
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  10. drek

    drek Star commenter

    A teacher on a full teaching time table will get 6 free periods scattered throughout the fortnight. Most of this will be planning resources, chasing up/completing student admin related work. The 'three' marking days come out of weekends and evenings for the real teachers in the system.....

    Which teachers resign or get 'supported' out first?

    Definitely a link there.

    Yet it's people who do less teaching more talking about teaching that are asked their opinions on workload conditions.....
    Compassman likes this.
  11. Compassman

    Compassman Star commenter

    Spot on.

    And don't you dare complain or you're told you're not a 'team player' or some other management guff. Ot even better threatened with misconduct.
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